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Corporate Signs is one of the largest signage production companies in the GTA. It supplies signs to real estate agents, contractors, and building owners across the region. They specialize in supplying signs to the biggest commercial and industrial names around Ontario. Their signs are all prefabricated and reused to reduce client costs.

  • Automated inventory system
  • Custom online order system with tracking
  • Automated production management
  • Site history and order history
  • None-sequential to sequential database conversion
  • Sequential database with enhanced search and filters
  • Automatic billing system
  • Advanced installation calendar

Corporate Signs required a system that allowed them to keep track of all their premade boards. They were unable to provide clients with the speed they needed to install signs as soon as they were ordered. They also had an ancient database that was non-sequential and not searchable. Clients also couldn’t benefit from a smooth production process, and their customizations were highly limited. Corporate Signs was also unable to coordinate installation by location, which made operations very inefficient.

  • Intelligent inventory management system with real-time stock level updates
  • Automatic client invoicing system
  • Advanced production management with multiple stages
  • Automatic production requests
  • Intelligent notification system to manage stock levels and production
  • Client pre-order system and preset stock margins
  • Location history storage for faster installation
  • None-sequential database converted to advanced sequential database
  • Enhanced sequential database of locations with search filters
  • Advanced order tracking throughout life cycle
  • Advanced order customization system
  • Installation calendar with locations and dates
Corporate Signs
Corporate Signs
Corporate Signs
Corporate Signs
Automated inventory system

Corporate Signs was given an awesome new inventory management system that is completely automated. Sign boards are produced, customized, and added to the inventory through an assembly line process that is managed electronically. Clients are able to set quotas for the number of boards of each type that must be in stock at all times. If the level of boards of a certain type falls below this margin, the control system notifies production to create more to keep the margins satisfied. Everything is automated, making it that much easier for Corporate Signs to deliver a more satisfactory customer experience.

Automated production management

The production management system is a part of the inventory control system. Production teams are notified of new orders automatically when a client places the order. At the same time, the system also watches for any board quantities that fall below margins when in the stores. If such a situation does arise, the system immediately tasks production with prioritizing production of that board. The automation of the production management process improves the efficiency of Corporate Signs’ facility exponentially.

Custom online order system with tracking

Clients can customize their signs as much as they want before they place an order. The new system for Corporate Signs features an extensive online ordering system. A custom configuration can be requested in a certain quantity and size. Customers can ask for certain special features on their requested signs, as well as a set quantity quota to be managed by the inventory and production management system. After placing an order, the client can track the status of their boards from production to installation at their location.

Site history and order history

The system also tracks the order history of each customer when they login to their account. This allows customers to choose previous board designs when placing orders, so they don’t have to start from scratch. Tracking the order history of a client also means the exact locations of board placement are stored in the system. If a sign is requested at the same location again, zoning permits don’t have to be obtained because the board can be placed in the same place once more. This makes installation much faster, which benefits both the clients and the company.

None-sequential to sequential database conversion

The old database of site history and order history was updated manually. It was a very inefficient old system that made use of outdated storage techniques. It was little more than a glorified hard drive. The old database was non-sequential, which meant that it couldn’t be organized, sorted, or searched. Vestra migrated the entire database to a new sequential database. The process was completed without any data being lost, resulting in a faster, more seamless transition.

Sequential database with enhanced search and filters

The new sequential database held client information and location history. It was searchable, so clients placing orders would be able to see suggestions for locations. They could also filter their searches by location or order type, and other filters could be utilized as well. The sequential database makes life a lot easier for clients and for Corporate Signs too.

Automatic billing system

When a client makes an order for signs, the price is calculated automatically using factors like dimensions, quantity, and more. The customer is then billed for the order automatically as well, with advanced invoice generation and emailing. Customers can customize their order to adjust the price before they confirm it. The billing system is tied into the accounting system for seamless automatic updates to the cash flow reports.

Advanced installation calendar

The installation management system is also automated. Corporate Signs serves customers across the GTA, and aim to ensure fast installation of signs on location. When customers place orders, the system automatically organizes the orders by date, location, and type. Installation orders are sent out to teams based on their proximity to installation locations. Locations are also grouped so that multiple clients can have their installations done within a day.