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Automated Mailing System

Client mailer with scheduling and internal broadcasts

Automated mailing systems improve the efficiency of communications between clients, customers and employees. Clients could automatically send quotes, promotions and more to individual customers or groups. Scheduling functionality improved organizational capabilities in large customer databases. Custom notifications informed various parties of upcoming events and promotions.

In addition to the mailing systems, internal communications were made more effective through the design of internal broadcast systems which displayed announcements and information company-wide using audiovisual technology. These systems could be used for production management, employee communication and more.

Project sample
Automated mailing system
Automated mailing system
Automated mailing system
Automated mailing system

Key Benefits of Automated Mailing System for Your business

  • Scheduling
  • Custom notifications
  • Internal broadcast systems

The addition of scheduling functionality significantly improved the timeliness of communications between both internal and external contacts. The wider range of custom notification types improved accessibility and created a more specialized environment for messages being sent to various contact types. Furthermore, the internal broadcast systems that were implemented met exact client requirements and provided a platform for mass internal communications on an audiovisual level.

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