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Tamarack Lumber

Automatic PDF generator for new moulding designs with inventory control system

Automatic PDF generator

The automatic PDF generator is one of the most advanced technologies included in the Tamarack Lumber system. As new moulding designs are added to the system by the company, PDF files are created automatically with their specifications, models, and design schematics. This process is entirely automated and allows Tamarack Lumber to achieve faster additions to their catalogue. This also allows customers to design their new mouldings using the generated PDFs.

Inventory management system

A real-time inventory management system is present in the Tamarack Lumber system. They have a huge database of mouldings, and it is important to manage their inventory properly to prevent customers getting order errors. The new system updates in time with the new additions to the database as well as any changes made on either the client-side or the customer end of things. When an order is placed or cancelled, stock levels are updated accordingly.

Multiple product addition

A traditional system would only allow a single moulding design to be uploaded at a time. A company like Tamarack Lumber, however, has a large client base and many new designs. To cope with the demand for faster additions of new designs to the online database, Vestra created a system that would allow multiple new products to be added to the catalogue at the same time. The automatic PDF generator creates schematics for each new moulding simultaneously too.

Custom Size and Material Modifications

The system that generates the PDFs of schematics automatically also allows the designers at Tamarack Lumber to add their own twists to the designs when they are uploaded. They can log in and modify the size, materials, and other features of the final product before releasing the PDF. This can be done at any time to any of the products in the catalogue.
Tamarack Lumber
Tamarack Lumber
Tamarack Lumber
Tamarack Lumber
Tamarack Lumber
Tamarack Lumber

About Tamarack Lumber and background information

Tamarack Lumber is a specialized woodworking company that has been in service since the 1970s. It has provided high quality service to customers requiring wood mouldings and engineered wood for various purposes. They also have their own manufacturing plant for trusses, a retail store, and a 35-acre property for storing their products.

Tamarack Lumber was quite inefficient because every new design that they added to their store needed its own specification manual manually drawn up for it. This took time and effort, and with the multiple designs that were being added to their inventory it also resulted in some confusion. In addition to this, new designs they added couldn’t have their materials and sizes changed when required. Their inventory was also managed manually, which led to a lot of errors.

  • Automatic PDF generator
  • Inventory management system
  • Automated database updates
  • Size and materials modifications
  • Automatic PDF generator creates design schematics
  • Schematics of new designs created in real-time
  • Advanced inventory control system with real-time updates
  • Enhanced size and material modifications to designs
  • Multiple product designs entered simultaneously
  • Generated PDFs make production more efficient

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