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Carlsberg Group Canada

Custom forecasting and analysis software with order management

Forecasting software

This software uses a complex algorithm to analyze historical sales and shipping information, and generate forecasts based on this data. The algorithm factors in past usage trends for items based on the time of the year, promotions running during that time, and extrapolates that data to provide an accurate snapshot of future sales depending on special circumstances specified by users.

Inventory management automation

The forecasts generated by the algorithm are used to automatically generate purchase orders for new inventory in specific warehouses when stock levels are predicted to fall below a specified minimum quantity. This ensures that new cases are shipped to warehouses well in advance of a shortage.

Custom dashboard

A fully featured dashboard provides a high-level overview of predictions and analytics to users based on their access level. Notifications are displayed for orders, stock levels, and for alerts and warnings in the system. The dashboard also provides access to product and customer management.

Synchronization with Microsoft NAV

A secure connection was established with the existing Microsoft NAV system to synchronize specific data points with the forecasting software. This data is used by the algorithm to provide predictions with an accuracy level of 85% or higher.
Carlsberg group dashboard canada software
Carlsberg group demand by brewery canada software
Carlsberg group inventory management canada software
Carlsberg group forecast calculation canada software

Key Points of Carlsberg Group Canada Software

  1. Accurate sales and stock level predictions
  2. Full reporting functionality to provide year-over-year proof of benefits
  3. Synchronization with key data collection systems for highly accurate predictions

About Carlsberg Group Canada and background information

Carlsberg is one of the biggest brewers in the world. Founded in 1847 in Copenhagen, Carlsberg brews over 500 drinks and distributes its products across the globe. The company has the longest-running partnership in the Premier League, with Liverpool FC. Carlsberg also invented the pH scale, now used by scientists and government organizations globally to measure the acidity of solutions.

With so many moving parts including brands like Somersby, Kronenbourg 1664, and Tubourg, and with 41,000 employees worldwide distributing millions of items every day, Carlsberg needed a way to predict stock levels on a global, national, and regional scale and remedy fluctuations in supply and demand proactively to ensure consistent service to its customers. This software solution had to provide fine control over the smaller details of the supply chain while providing accurate reporting to managers.

  • Custom forecasting and analytical software
  • Inventory management system with automated purchase order generation
  • Customizable reporting

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