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Vibra Systems

Complete online ordering, catalogue, and ecommerce system with advanced shipping parameters

Online catalogue system

The diversity of the products offered by Vibra Systems prompted the implementation of an extensive online catalogue system. This system organizes all their products using multiple filters. There are different categories of products, subcategories, and detailed assembly breakdowns. Each part in the catalogue also has its own page with design specifications and schematics. The database is searchable and easy to use.

Online ordering system

Customers who use the Vibra Systems interface can browse through the many products in the online catalogue and place orders for those they want. They can select products at will and add them to a shopping cart, which allows them to save as many items as they want before requesting a quote and placing an order.

Advanced shipping parameters

When placing an order, the customer is able to select advanced options for shipping. Vibra Systems prides itself on next-day delivery, but this can be changed based on customer requirements. A customer can place their order, have their shipping cost automatically calculated, and can then request that their order be delivered on a date they need it. A shipping calendar with carrier selection is available for customers.

Full ecommerce solution

A full ecommerce solution is present in Vibra Systems, allowing customers who have selected the products they want place their orders and make their payments online. This means that there is no need for human interaction or physical payment, which increases customer convenience significantly. Customers can also pay using multiple payment methods.
Vibra Systems
Vibra Systems
Vibra Systems
Vibra Systems
Vibra Systems
Vibra Systems
Vibra Systems

About Vibra Systems and background information

Vibra Systems is a leading manufacturer of devices and solutions to counter vibrations, shocks, and noise due to these in the industry. They make use of a professional engineering team to design custom solutions for industrial vibration damping issues and shock absorption problems. They have a great reputation in North America for their high quality custom solutions paired with same-to-next-day delivery.

In order to maintain their reputation as the leading manufacturer in the field, Vibra Systems needed an online ordering system as well as a catalogue of all their current products and custom solutions. They also needed a method of providing their customers with more control over when they could have their products shipped. For example, being able to track their packages and select between different kinds of shipping would be useful. The company had no e-commerce system in place.

  • Complete online catalogue
  • Full online ordering system
  • Shipping carrier selections
  • Automatic shipping cost calculator
  • Order tracking
  • Ecommerce system with end-to-end order processing
  • Online catalogue system
  • Advanced shipping parameters
  • Full ecommerce solution

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