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Dental Center Calendar

Intelligent dental calendar and consultation management with document sharing system

Smart consultation calendar

Dental Center’s calendar makes use of a smart calendar that has special features programmed into it. The company wants to form a link between doctors and dental specialists around the country, allowing for smoother appointments and consultations as well as easier sharing of information. The consultation calendar displays all the available specialists on each day and their time slots too. Appointments can be set by dentists using the free slots shown on the calendar. When an appointment is scheduled, the calendar changes that time slot to match the new availability of the specialist on that day. If an appointment is cancelled, the calendar changes again, updating in real-time.

Custom appointment scheduling

In the calendar, custom appointments and meetings can be scheduled by the dentists using the calendar or the specialists. Information like the name of the patient, their medical issue, the urgency of the situation, the time slot, as well as the name of the referring dentist can be set and a custom event scheduled in the calendar. This allows more urgent cases to be prioritized as well. The calendar automatically changes to match these custom appointments.

Appointment status tracking

Consultations and appointments can be tracked. The calendar also features a dashboard that allows all parties involved to track the progress or status of an appointment. Appointments have multiple stages, including confirmation, cancellation, postponing, and more. Dentists can check on how their patients are doing while they have consultations with specialists. There is also a color-coding system that changes the color of the appointment on the calendar based on its status.

Document sharing system

A unique document sharing portal is present in the calendar to allow patients’ medical documents to be stored and shared between doctors and specialists. Dentists can keep track of the progress their referred patients are making, as well as the treatments they are on. Any medication they have been prescribed or procedures they have been subject to are also viewable because of the ease with which documents can be uploaded and shared.
Dental Center Calendar
Dental Center Calendar
Dental Center Calendar
Dental Center Calendar

Key Points of Dental Center Calendar Software

  1. Smart consultation calendar
  2. Custom appointment scheduling
  3. Appointment status tracking
  4. Document sharing system between doctors and specialists
  5. Sequential patient database
  6. Confirmation notifications

About Dental Center Calendar and background information

The Dental Center is a revolutionary new movement that attempts to make communication between dentists and specialists far smoother. It aims to connect doctors to specialists so that referrals can be made for patients easily. Their business approach is all about efficiency and connectivity to ensure the best possible service for their patients.

While the vision of Dental Center was a good one, they didn’t have the organization needed to become a success. They lacked any sort of appointment and consultation management system. Doctors would schedule clashing appointments and there would be no way out. Appointments would have They would also miss appointments due to a lack of confirmation, no organization of available times, and more. There was also a deplorable lack of unique consultation appointments and no patient database to speak of.

  • Intelligent dashboard organizing consultation lists by multiple filters and categories
  • Different categories color-coded based on their status
  • Automatic calendar with updates when new consultations are added or changed
  • Custom time slot addition with option to set recurring availability for six months
  • Appointment scheduler allows custom times and dates to be set as well as availability
  • Patients can be sent automatic email confirmation when an appointment is confirmed
  • Searchable sequential database of patient information
  • Patient medical progress tracking updates
  • Document sharing system for doctors and specialists
  • Automatic document status updates

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