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Online ordering and inventory management with ecommerce, mailing, and CRM system

CRM system

Value-Rite has the goal of improving their customer satisfaction and profit margins through the optimization of business processes with the customer in mind. To this end, a CRM system has been implemented to compile data on client interactions with their system, so as to better understand how their customers think and what their needs are. This also better improves Value-Rite business operations by preventing product redundancies and ensuring customer needs are fulfilled.

Inventory management system

The inventory management system implemented for Value-Rite improves the efficiency of their inventory control because it is automated. When customers buy toner cartridges or other products, the stock levels are updated accordingly. Automatic notifications can be sent out to distributors or suppliers when the stock level of a certain item falls below a preset margin. The inventory control system is web-based, with an easy-to-access interface for anyone with authorization to use.

Online ordering system

Customers can browse through the catalogue of products at Value-Rite and add whatever they want to an online shopping cart. This can then be used to request pricing information, shipping information, and to place orders using the ecommerce system. Quotes for different products can also be requested, and the company can be contacted directly to request information about orders.

Automatic price management

Value-Rite can control the prices of each of their products as and when required. This allows them to account for fluctuations in price, market values, and in currency exchange rates. On the customer side, there is an additional functionality that adjust the price of an order based on the quantity of the products ordered. All calculations are done automatically and presented to the customer.

Inventory and client library synchronization

A full ecommerce system has been implemented in Value-Rite, which allows customers to place orders and make payments online. They don’t have to interact with salespeople or representatives. This takes a significant chunk of time out of the ordering process. Orders can also be tracked by the customer from the moment the order is placed to when it arrives at their doorstep.

Client mailing system

Value-Rite is constantly bringing out new deals and promotions for its customers. An email blast system is now available which allows customers to provide their email address if they want to receive news on the latest deals and updates to Value-Rite’s inventory. The mailer sends out blasts to the entire client base that is signed up for the service, without individual emails having to be sent.

About Value-Rite and background information

Value-Rite is a supplier of OEM toner and inkjet printer supplies on a national scale. The company also specializes in digital fabric decorating such as garment printing, hard surface decorating, UV printing, custom color profiling, and more. It is one of the most recognised in North America, supplying digital technologies to industries across the region.

Value-Rite did not have any online capabilities. Customers were unable to choose their supplies online and place orders. They were also using manual inventory management which was very inefficient. There was no way to compensate for market price changes, and new inventory was simply added manually. There was also no customer notification and marketing system in place, and no way to communicate with customers.

  • CRM system
  • Inventory management system
  • Online ordering system
  • Automatic price management
  • Full ecommerce solution
  • Client mailing system
  • Client Relations Management system
  • Web-based advanced inventory management system
  • Complete online ordering system
  • Full ecommerce system
  • Automatic price adjustments
  • Client mailing system with email blasts

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