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Often, important information is located in multiple systems or spread over multiple locations. It is essential to communicate specific data among these locations as required. Identifying relevant data, transferring it to a centralized database, and synchronizing the data among various sources is a major issue.

Specialized bridges were programmed for clients with multiple databases, locations, and sources of information to facilitate synchronization of data between these. These bridges were built to translate data between various types of databases including relational and non-relational or sequential and non-sequential. Additionally, transference of data between sources written in various languages such as MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle, etc. was established.

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Database synchronization
    • Multiple languages programmed
    • Real time database updates
    • Synchronization with external databases

Compatibility with multiple programming languages ensured seamless communication between various existing internal and external databases. This improved the relevancy of information and the efficiency of data collection. Furthermore, the bridges programmed for client databases ensured significant improvements to inventory organization as well as real-time updates to relevant information and records.