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Custom Control Panel

Production Management and Quote Generation software with purchase orders, order tracking, and custom reports.

Quote generator

Automated quote generation provided Custom Control Panels with a method to eliminate human error and costly delays from the order placement process. Quotes can be generated based on multiple factors and sent electronically to customers for approval. Additionally, they can also be converted seamlessly into orders when approved and received.

Purchase order management

Internal purchase orders can be placed with suppliers based on current inventory levels to ensure that Custom Control Panels is consistently above minimum stock levels for each of their product offerings. Purchase orders can be generated in custom formats with the click of a button and sent electronically to vendors, with preferred vendors possible for various products.

Order tracking

Custom Control Panels can accurately track orders submitted to its suppliers using part numbers, as well as setting delivery expectation dates and dates to send reminders to suppliers about pending deliveries.

Internal Alerts

An intelligent notification system displays alerts when shipment due dates are passed and items have not been received from suppliers. Additionally, special notifications are issued when parts are received in damaged condition. Custom Control Panels can send email responses and reminders using the notification as a base.

Inventory and client library synchronization

The Production Management software was synchronized with the inventory management system and library databases for Custom Control Panels. As a result, managers can now view live inventory updates and place purchase orders preemptively. Client information is available with a single click and can be updated easily. Special inventory options such as minimum stock levels, preferred vendors, and even pricing information can be modified as required.

Custom reporting

Logistics reports with custom fields can be generated and delivered to key internal stakeholders ad-hoc or on a scheduled basis. These reports can be configured to provide historical data that identifies ordering trends, stock fluctuations, and other information that could influence corporate decision-making processes.

Receiving desk

Employees at the receiving desk at Custom Control Panels can use this module to immediately specify details about components received from suppliers. The module can be operated using the part number or the purchase order number. Each number is linked to all the other parts in that specific Purchase Order, and employees can mark parts as received or damages as needed. The alerts system and inventory management system are updated in real time with this information.
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Key Points of Custom Control Panel Software

  1. Custom report creation to enable better executive decision-making and an auditable trail of information
  2. Receiving desk module to allow employees to specify information about received parts
  3. Alert system to provide due date notifications and reminders
  4. Custom quote generation with electronic delivery and approvals, as well as conversion to orders
  5. Purchase order creation and delivery to preferred suppliers when minimum inventory levels are reached
  6. Order tracking system to accurately get information about pending purchase orders and the condition of received items
  7. Inventory management and client library synchronization for a bird’s eye view of the entire infrastructure

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