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Door Maker

Custom product building and configuration system with quote generator and compatibility advisor

Custom product builder

The focus of the company is on providing each customer with a unique experience. The system built for Door Maker makes use of a custom door builder tool on the online interface. Customers can click to it from the home page and then build their doors in the way they want. They can choose everything from the door style to the color. Every option has been selected carefully for allowing customers to have the best customization experience.

Online product configuration

The product builder is a visually based one to allow the customers to have a more interactive experience. The changes that are made to the doors they design in the builder are reflected through useful pictures. This allows them to see what their final product will look like before they make their order and confirm it. The visual configurator changes with each step of the design as well as with each component that is selected.

Smart filter for compatible parts

Customers can select the parts they want for the door they are designing in their design process. However, there are some exceptions when designing, as not all parts are compatible with all door styles. Intelligent filters exist that determine available styles and parts based on the previous selection. This way the customer is always presented with the components and add-ons that fit the door they have selected.

Advanced quote generation

After selecting all the designs for their door and confirming that the final product looks like what they want, customers can request a quote for their selection. They are prompted to enter their contact information and then log a request for a quotation. The quote is prepared and emailed to the customer so that they don’t have to spend a lot of time on the phone waiting for a quote to be drafted manually.
Door Maker
Door Maker
Door Maker
Door Maker
Door Maker

Key Points of Door Maker Software

  1. Custom product builder
  2. Online product configuration
  3. Advanced quote generation
  4. Smart filter for compatible parts

About Door Maker and background information

Door Maker is one of Toronto’s leaders in wooden door building and supply. It is a company that has a long history of working with doors of all shapes and sizes for a variety of customers. The priority here is customization of doors so that each door is unique to the client who orders it. The Door Maker is also focused on supplying custom components for each door.

The Door Maker needed a system that allowed clients to do all their ordering and customization online. Customers had to be able to build their own doors with available parts for that design, and be able to see their customizations as they made them. They also only needed to be presented with the components that would work with their chosen design. An advanced pricing generator was also needed instead of manual quotations.

  • Custom product builder with advanced options
  • Real-time visual updates to design
  • Intelligent quote generator sends quotations to customers based on configuration
  • Smart product filter displays only compatible components during building

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