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Trader Machinery

Multi-database synchronization with advanced inventory management and online ordering system

Synchronization between multiple databases

The system for Trader Machinery focused on a complex exchange of information between the company database and a master database of used and new machinery across North America. To achieve this, a bridge was built between the databases. This bridge allowed the databases to synchronize with each other. The new database was completely sequential, which allows customers to search through it using filters and search terms. This made looking for required products far easier.

Real-time inventory management system

With such a vast database of products, it was important for Trader Machinery to be able to manage and organize their inventory. An inventory management system was implemented into the company, which provided real-time updates about the stock levels within the company’s warehouse. It was completely automated, so every time an order is placed by a customer the inventory levels are updated immediately. This ensures that they never run out of stocks of a certain machine.

Online ordering system

An advanced online order placement system is present in Trader Machinery. Customers can browse the database and add the products they want to a shopping cart online. The cart remembers order history for each browsing session, even if customers aren’t logged into a dedicated account. This allows people to have a more satisfactory experience when placing orders. Orders can also be placed without having to contact someone else within the company.

Advanced quote generator

When a customer has selected certain product for their cart, they can either place an order or request a quote for the parts they have chosen. For example, they could order two different machines and want to know the price of the total order including shipping costs. This can be calculated, generated as a PDF file, and sent to the customer. All this is done automatically by the built-in quotation generator.
Database Synchronization Trader Machinery
Database Synchronization Trader Machinery
Database Synchronization Trader Machinery
Database Synchronization Trader Machinery
Database Synchronization Trader Machinery

About Trader Machinery and background information

Trader Machinery is a top-tier used and new machinery dealer. It is one of the largest in North America, with an inventory that includes every vendor in the North American region. It sells equipment, does appraisals, and conducts auctions through a sister company. It is among the highest-rated in the US and Canada, with the largest database of machinery for sale.

The biggest problem Trader Machinery was having was communication with the database of vendors for machinery in North America. This database, which was built in the 90s, needed to communicate with Trader Machinery to have a larger inventory. There was also a need for online orders, and a requirement for customers to generate quotations for custom orders on request.

  • Synchronization between new sequential database and master database
  • Advanced inventory management system with real-time updates
  • Online ordering system with shopping cart features
  • Custom quotation generator for selected products in cart
  • Custom report creation to enable better executive decision-making and an auditable trail of information
  • Receiving desk module to allow employees to specify information about received parts
  • Alert system to provide due date notifications and reminders

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