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Walters Inc.

Intranet system with cross-department communication and internal announcements

Internal Network (Intranet)

Walters Inc. benefited from an internal network that coordinated the activities of all 24 departments within the company, creating a digital flow of information and resources. This network provided access to specific information, statistics, documentation, and announcements. Digitization of the project management process resulted in smoother process flow, elimination of delays, and seamless cross-department coordination.

Documentation Sharing and Production Management

The complexity of the projects within the company meant multiple departments were involved in each project. Documentation, information, and recommendations from each department responsible for a specific project could be shared digitally in real-time within the project space. All resources relevant to the project could be collected and viewed by employees involved in it. Access to specific information could be restricted based on management position within the company and department. The result of this digital documentation sharing system was an elimination of miscommunication and better process flow from one department to the next.

Access Level Control

Depending on multiple variables, specific resources could be made visible and accessible to certain employees within the company. Access to project-specific documentation, for example, could be limited to employees in departments involved in that particular project. Similarly, access to other information could be restricted based on level of seniority – managers can view and edit critical data while normal employees can’t. This access control could be customized based on the project’s requirements and led to far more improved information security.

Internal Announcements

Utilizing TV screens within the facility as well as touchscreen displays, announcements are being broadcast company-wide or to specific departments based on the type of notification. Employees could be updated on tasks, project status, important dates, and more. This mass communication capability greatly improved employee satisfaction by keeping individuals up-to-date.

Project Dashboards and Status Tracking

As projects progressed through various stages of completion, authorized users within the intranet could see real-time updates to the status of a project using dashboards. These dashboards showed the current tasks in progress for each project, deadlines, important information, notes, resources and documentation, and more information. Implementation of these status tracking and dashboards improved decision making for managers and permitted a visual presentation of project status.

Internal Surveys, Forms, and Documents

Employees are prompted to fill out surveys unique to each department online on the intranet and submit them anonymously. These surveys helped gauge employee satisfaction levels within the company to promote company health through continuous improvements to quality of life. Additionally, specialized forms can be submitted by individual employees including vacation requests and more. Unique documentation and guides can also be accessed by employees in various departments. The result of this was a happier, healthier internal environment for Walters Inc.
Intranet document sharing
Intranet document sharing
Intranet document sharing
Intranet document sharing
Intranet document sharing

About Walters Inc. and background information

Walters Inc. is a structural steel fabricator and construction contractor with a reach across North America. Known for their custom capabilities and in-house fabrication, Walters is a full-service provider. Their range of services includes design, engineering, project management, finishing, delivery, and complete support after installation is complete.

Manual paper flow and announcements within the company led to delays in production, internal miscommunication, and overall dissatisfaction. Complex projects required the manual input of 24 departments, leading to errors and delays. Additionally, the security of confidential project information was at risk due to a lack of access control based on departments or management level. Methods of gauging employee satisfaction within the company were nonexistent.

  • Intranet
  • Cross-department communication
  • Internal announcements
  • Documentation sharing
  • Advanced access control
  • Online forms and dashboards
  • Full internal network (intranet) communicating with all departments
  • Production management system with project, document and resource sharing
  • Digital coordination of relevant project documentation from various departments
  • Internal announcements with visual display broadcasting company-wide
  • Live updates to project status on dashboards and announcement boards
  • Vacation request forms available online with other forms and documentation
  • Online surveys to gauge employee satisfaction in each department
  • Access to specific resources based on management position and department
  • Complete directory of employees with contact information and schedules

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