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Central Fairbank

PDF Design Generator and Inventory Management System

Catalogue of mouldings

Central Fairbank specializes in mouldings that are designed and uploaded to the existing gallery of designs online. Customers need to be able to view these designs as and when they are created. This makes it far easier for them to decide on a moulding style they want for their own projects, and use it accordingly. The new system includes an organized online catalogue of products that are being updated in real-time. Uploads of new mouldings are also easy on the company-side interface.

PDF Generator for new designs

An advanced technological feature integrated into the system for Central Fairbank generates a design schematic of each new design that is uploaded to the system. The company has to specify the dimensions of the design as it is uploaded. The generator then automatically creates a design schematic in PDF format and attaches it to the moulding in the catalogue. This makes product building far easier because the preset schematics are available immediately online.

Multi-tasking capabilities

A traditional system would only allow a single moulding design to be uploaded at a time. A company like Central Fairbank Lumber, however, has a huge client base and an even larger creative team. New moulding designs are being suggested and created all the time. To cope with the demand for faster additions of new designs to the online database, Vestra created a system that would allow multiple new products to be added to the catalogue simultaneously. The automatic PDF generator creates schematics for each new moulding simultaneously too.

Inventory management system

Central Fairbank has a vast inventory of products. Its facility alone has tens of thousands of square feet of space. This massive inventory was only updated manually before. A new advanced inventory management and control system has now been implemented. Every item is organized and stock levels are updated in real time. New products can be easily added to the inventory as they are added to the catalogue, and Central Fairbank Lumber can check out their existing levels on demand.
Central Fairbank
Central Fairbank
Central Fairbank
Central Fairbank
Central Fairbank

About Central Fairbank and background information

Central Fairbank Lumber is one of the leading lumber manufacturers, workers, and suppliers in the North American region. They supply their products to a diverse array of customers such as homeowners, builders, and more. Their range of products is also as diverse, from in-house wood mouldings to pre-hung doors. Central Fairbank also has the goal of producing custom-made products based on customer designs.

One of the main features that was lacking in the operations of Central Fairbank, other than an inventory management system, was a system that allowed for faster product design building. Customers would have to start from scratch instead of working with a base design, which took longer. They needed a system that would take each design as it was added and generate an easy-to-use PDF of the design with specifications. Because of the high product volume, it was also necessary to have a feature that allowed for multiple PDFs to be generated at once.

  • Catalogue for mouldings
  • PDF generator for new designs
  • Size and material customization
  • Inventory management system
  • Effective online catalogue of all mouldings updated constantly
  • Automated PDF generator creates easy PDFs of new mouldings as they are added to the store
  • Capacity for multiple designs to be updated simultaneously
  • Inventory management and control with real-time updates

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