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ATL Industries

Online catalog and inventory management system

Online Cataloguing System

An online catalogue is an essential part of a modern day business. Vestra created a comprehensive catalogue of all the products and services offered by ATL Industries. The products were categorized by their type and usage. Each product and service also has its very own description, suggested usage, and other informative content.

Dedicated client login spaces

Before, customers were unable to customize their orders. They couldn’t request quotations, save selections for later, and couldn’t get a personalized experience. By introducing dedicated customer logins, ATL’s new system catered to each customer personally. Customers can register and login to their own account, where they can manage their orders, communicate with the company, and save items to look at later.

Real-time stock level updates

ATL Industries was having trouble managing its stock levels – each time an item was added or removed from their inventory, they would have to update the stock information manually. This took time and sometimes led to over-ordering. To remedy this, real-time updates to stock levels were implemented into the new system designed by Vestra. With smooth, immediate changes being made automatically, stock levels are always accurate when requested.

Compatible parts listed for each client

In the new system, each client can order products that are compatible with their specific situation. A compatibility advisor is present to ensure that clients only see calipers, brackets, pistons, and other parts that match their unique requirements. This results in fewer customer complaints, fewer difficulties with orders, and a more streamlined experience for each customer.

Inventory management

Active inventory management ensures that production facilities and suppliers are notified ahead of time when new products are needed or when stocks need to be refreshed. It also allows ATL Industries to send out custom notifications for new inventory, add new products to their company, and make multiple modifications that are smoothly integrated into the existing system. Vestra’s inventory management solution has made ATL’s operations significantly more effective and efficient.

Price Level Modifications

When requesting a quote, the system can calculate the price of the customer’s request. ATL Industries can log into the system and change the price levels of the products in their inventory at will. These price levels can be changed according the quantity of products in stock, the cost of manufacture, and other factors that impact the retail or wholesale price of the product.

Key Points of ATL Industries Software

  1. Complex online part catalogue
  2. Advanced product filters and categories
  3. Spider-web relationship between categories
  4. Detailed assembly breakdown
  5. Educational resources and tools
  6. Custom product selection
  7. Online ordering system

About ATL Industries and background information

ATL Industries is a leading manufacturer of brake parts for a variety of car brands. It is one of the oldest and most diverse companies in the field today, with many successes in the field of manufacturing. They build and store a massive inventory of brake parts including pistons, calipers, brackets, and more. ATL Industries has a customer base that spreads across the world, with clients in South America and even Europe.

While ATL Industries managed to perform quite well in the industry, they were not capable of advanced inventory management. Stock levels were only updated infrequently and had to be done manually. Their clients were also unable to place orders for parts online because of a lack of an online order system. This was directly impacting the overall efficiency of the company and putting ATL at risk of reduced sales.

  • Online catalogue system
  • Display current stock levels
  • Access to compatible parts
  • Inventory management
  • Dedicated client logins
  • Online cataloguing
  • Dedicated client login spaces
  • Real-time stock level updates
  • Compatible parts listed for each client
  • Inventory management

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