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Online Catalogue

Comprehensive online catalogue and organizational systems

Having large inventories consisting of thousands of items with different variants and combinations leads to organizational issues. One of the obstacles faced by clients is the presentation of these listings to customers. Appropriate relationships between items of different compatibility settings is critical to a smooth user experience when navigating the product listings. Additionally, identification of unique items and combinations is essential where products are modified with infinite combinations of components. Effective search functionality within such an inventory is crucial to ensure user satisfaction.

Based on individual requirements, online catalogues were implemented for various clients. These systems were implemented alongside multiple systems and databases. Integration was supported with existing systems such as inventory control, production management, ecommerce platforms, and more. Various complex relationships were defined between items and their components to ensure compatibility. Additionally, online product builders were designed and implemented as required. In these cases, every uniquely designed item variant could be automatically added to the existing catalogue with a unique automatically assigned SKU number, creating self-propagating catalogues. Other features such as table builders (one product - multiple SKUs) and compatibility filters were also designed.

Project sample
Online catalogue systems
Online catalogue systems
Online catalogue systems

Key Benefits of Online Catalogue for Your business

  • Multi-system integration
  • Complex item relationships
  • Automatic SKU generation

Various benefits resulted from implementing online cataloguing systems. Integration of these catalogues alongside multiple existing systems provided seamless updates to all relevant databases. Additionally, the improved organizational capabilities boosted navigational speed and efficiency throughout the catalogues. The implementation of search and compatibility filters also resulted in faster, more efficient and accurate searches, while the complex relationships between items improved speed and reliability of the catalogues and eliminated incompatibilities and errors.

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