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Mod-Tronic Instruments is one of the industry leaders in the manufacture of alarms, control systems and sensors, as well as parts to go with these products. They manufacture many different variants of alarm systems and temperature control systems, and cater to a wide range of clients in the corporate and residential world. The company prides itself on providing custom solutions for each client.

  • Self-propagating online catalogue
  • Automatic SKU generation
  • Intelligent search filters
  • Automatic filter creation
  • Advanced quotation generation
  • Complete ecommerce system

Mod-Tronic was severely lacking because it didn’t have an online order and purchasing system. There was no catalog of products, no communication system with customers, no product building system, and a severe lack of ERP and quotation requests online. They didn’t have any sort of streamlined order customization process, inventory organization, or notification system for their clients.

  • Automatic generation of SKUs when new parts are configured by other clients on the store
  • Intelligent filters that update automatically when new products are added
  • Consolidation of all communications processes, emails, and notifications
  • Advanced quotation system with detailed, filterable and sorted quotes
  • Specialized order details and invoice generation as PDFs
  • ERP integration for better internal processes
  • Self-propagating online catalogue
  • Full ecommerce system
Modtronic Instruments Online Catalogue
Modtronic Instruments Online Catalogue
Modtronic Instruments Online Catalogue
Modtronic Instruments Online Catalogue
Modtronic Instruments Online Catalogue
Modtronic Instruments Online Catalogue
Self-propagating online catalogue

The system designed for Mod-Tronic Instruments was a highly advanced one. An online catalogue of available electronic components was made available to customers. Clients could visit the company online, design the product to match their specifications, and then place an order. Each time a customer does so, their unique product configuration is added to the catalogue as a new product automatically. This means that the catalogue is self-sufficient, adding new products every time a customer configures them.

Automatic SKU generation

A SKU is a unique product configuration identifier. Typically, SKUs are assigned manually to new products as they are added to the store. In this case, the catalogue is being updated automatically with more products every day. Vestra created an automatic SKU generation system that would assign a SKU to each new product as it reached the catalogue. The SKU is unique and determined by the type of product, the configurations on it, and the product it was based on.

Intelligent search filters

With such a large catalogue of products, customers are going to have a hard time finding what they need without help. The intelligent search filters in the system created for Mod-Tronic are updated automatically as new categories are added and more varied products enter the catalogue. Customers can sort their search by the filters that are available, and can select more than one filter to find the exact product they’re looking for.

Advanced quotation generation

Customers can customize their products any way they want. Each product can have its specifications changed to match the unique requirements of the customer. These products can then be added to a cart, and a quotation can be requested to identify the price of the products. Quotations are generated as PDFs and sent back to the customer via email.

Complete ecommerce system

A full ecommerce solution is also integrated into the Mod-Tronic system. Customers can use a handy shopping cart feature to gather multiple products. Advanced pricing calculators provide an accurate estimate of the cost to the customer. Payment processing can be done online as well, so customers won’t have any trouble ordering their items and paying for them.

Communication Simplification

One of the biggest obstacles facing Mod-Tronic Instruments was the state of their internal and external communications. Vestra integrated all the communications together. Now, the staff can communicate easily with customers and each other without having to be confused about which mode to use. Emails and notifications can be managed easily, and there are internal directories and address books too.