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MacGregors (Order-System)

Online ordering system with ERP integration, shipment scheduler, and client logins

Online order system

The brand new order system for MacGregor’s allows customers to select the meat or other products they want using the online store. They can add as many products of any type they want to their cart, and then place the order. Quotes can be requested as needed for the selected products. Payment can be made in any way as well.

Integration with ERP system

Enterprise Resource Planning is an integral part of the MacGregor’s system. It uses the Microsoft Navision ERP system, which is perfectly functional. The new system is integrated into the existing ERP in such a way that information can be pulled from it and displayed in a more visual, easy-to-understand format. The inventory management system, online order system, and the customer relations system are all tied into the ERP system.

Shipment scheduler

The new ordering system for MacGregor’s is very useful for customers because it allows them to set custom delivery dates for their products. After placing the order, they can select a date from a range of available dates in which the products can arrive. This makes it far easier to plan ahead, especially when the customer is in the industry, such as in a restaurant, and needs to ensure fresh delivery.

Dedicated client logins

Customers can now create accounts on the MacGregor’s system and log into them to place orders. This allows each customer to have their own portal. They can view their order history, place custom orders, schedule their shipments as needed, and see the changes they make whenever it is needed. This allows MacGregor’s to provide a higher service standard to its clients by giving them more personalized service.

Key Points of MacGregors (Order-System) Software

  1. Online order system
  2. Integration with ERP system
  3. Shipment scheduler
  4. Dedicated client logins

About MacGregors (Order-System) and background information

MacGregors is the single largest meat supplier in Ontario. They have operations that supply supermarkets, stores, and distributors throughout the province. MacGregors has been in the business for decades, and is now the most recognized name in the industry. They have a reputation for high quality meat that is precooked to perfection, clean, and made to order.

All ordering at MacGregors was done manually. Customers would have to call in and specify their order details. Orders would be processed through manual data entry. Their existing ERP, while very effective, was incapable of providing information efficiently on request. There was also no way for customers to log into the system and view their previous orders or track their orders.

  • Complete online ordering system tied into current ERP system
  • Real-time inventory and client information exchange using the new portal communicating with ERP
  • Dedicated client login spaces to view order history and place orders
  • Automatic invoicing based on multiple factors
  • Custom shipment scheduling for customers; date selector
  • Tied into the accounting system to generate invoices and quote information

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