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Stag Tickets

Complete ecommerce solution with visual configuration and online ordering system

Online ordering system

The main feature of the system built for Stag Tickets was an online ordering system. In the past, customers would have to call in or visit to get their custom ticket designs printed. The new system allows them to get on the site, customize their ticket design, select the quantity and other factors like shipping dates, and then place an order. This makes the customer experience far better than it usually would be.

Catalogue of design templates

Customers don’t have to start from scratch – there is a catalogue of designs available online for the customer to start from. This provides them a base design with which to work, which saves them a lot of time and effort. It is also helpful for customers who don’t want a very complicated design, as they can simply select one of the preset templates and place an order.

Visual template configuration

The visual configuration system allows customers to change the design of their tickets however they want and see these changes reflected in the preview of the ticket as they make them. A visual configurator ensures that a customer is satisfied with the final product before they place an order. This also opens the customer up to far more customizations and more personalized products in the end.

Full ecommerce solution

A full ecommerce system is integrated into the Stag Tickets system. This allows customers to select the tickets they want, check the prices (which are updated alongside the visual configuration of the ticket), and then place their orders and make payments online. There is no need for human interaction at any point, streamlining the process for a customer by completely automating and digitizing it.
Online ordering system
Online ordering system
Online ordering system
Online ordering system
Online ordering system
Online ordering system
Online ordering system

About Stag Tickets and background information

Stag Tickets is a company that supplies custom tickets for stag parties, bachelorette nights, and similar events. It is known throughout Ontario for its high-quality custom designs with full customer control over design. It aims to provide fast service with quality designs and economical pricing.

Stag Tickets had no online ordering system in place to speak of. Customers were unable to visit them online and select designs, instead having to place orders manually. They couldn’t preview their designs before ordering, and there was no way to pay for orders online either. Templates and designs were complicated and unavailable for visual configuration.

  • Online ordering system
  • Catalogue of design templates
  • Full ecommerce solution
  • Online catalogue of ticket templates
  • Visual configuration system for ticket design
  • Complete online order placement system
  • Full ecommerce solution with end-to-end order processing

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