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Atlas Containers

Intelligent Online Product Building, Pricing and Ordering System

Online product builder

Atlas Containers needed the ability to let their customers configure their products online. Bringing the company to the new digital age, Vestra designed a powerful product building and configuration tool for Atlas. The builder is available on the home page of the company’s website, allowing customers to begin selecting their specifications as soon as they are sold on the idea of custom boxes.

Intelligent pricing calculator

Tied into the online product builder is an advanced pricing calculator. This determines the price of the custom box design that has been configured by the customer. Prices are calculated based on the dimensions of the box, quantity, and the materials selected for the design of the box. Prices are updated in real-time, allowing customers to see the changes they make reflected accurately when they check out.

Product customization tool

The builder allows customers to choose their own dimensions for the boxes, along with other factors that can be changed at will. These other features include box material, strength, quantity, and style. This increases convenience for customers, allowing them to make their orders faster and in a more informed, satisfactory manner.

Discount calculator based on product quantity

Since Atlas focuses on high levels of customer satisfaction, the new system allows them to offer discounts to customers depending on the quantity of boxes ordered. The product builder has a quantity selector. When a quantity is chosen, the price of the order is discounted according to margin set by Atlas Containers. These margins can be changed when needed.

Customer logins, preset margins, and order history

The new system for Atlas Containers also has dedicated customer login spaces. New customers can register for an account using an easy-to-use online form. Details like shipping and billing information and company details can be entered easily. After an account is created, customers can set their own default margins for easier order placement in the future. In addition to this, the system remembers the order history of each client and provides them with suggestions for new orders when needed.

Help Text for Each Product in Builder

When a customer is using the box builder on the Atlas Containers website, they don’t have to ask any questions from the company directly regarding the options they see on the builder. For example, they can simple hover over the product part they want information on to see helpful text that explains the function of the part and the features it has. This reduces human interaction and saves time for both parties.

About Atlas Containers and background information

Atlas Containers is a company that builds corrugated boxes for a diverse range of clients in the industry. It is now one of the leaders in the field of manufacturing these items, prioritizing a great level of customer service and high-quality products. One of their primary objectives is to manufacture every item to the customer’s specifications.

In order to achieve their goal of a personalized customer experience, Atlas Containers needed to allow clients to customize their orders and get real-time cost information as they did so. They didn’t have a pricing calculator that would calculate their costs based on their product dimensions and preset margins. Atlas also needed to calculate discounts based on margins and quantity. They lacked an online system that would allow customers to customize their own boxes and items.

  • Easy-to-use online product builder
  • Advanced pricing calculator that uses product dimensions and client preset margins
  • Fully functional product customization tool
  • Discount calculator based on product quantity
  • Intelligent system that remembers order history per client
  • Online product builder
  • Intelligent price calculator
  • Product customization tool
  • Preset client margins
  • Quantity discounts
  • Order history

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