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Truck Stor

Custom product configuration with compatibility advisor and advanced online ordering system

Custom product builder

Vestra created a system for Truck Stor that included a complex custom product building tool online. Customers can log on and then choose the configuration they want for their truck. This can be done by choosing the type of truck they own, the storage type they want, and many more filters. Each filter provides the customer with suggestions that can be used to make the right buying choice for their truck and their situation.

Part compatibility advisor

With the diverse range of products available with Truck Stor, customers need to have only relevant products listed for them. The part compatibility advisor in the product builder ensures that no customer will see incompatible products listed for them. A customer can sign on and choose their type of truck or required usage. Compatible storage parts will be listed for them, and they can select what they want before placing an order.

Online order system

The online order system allows customers to place their orders for storage spaces for their trucks without having to call in or visit. This makes it far more streamlined of a process when customizing and configuring their trucks. A customer can add the products they want to their cart and then request a quotation for the units they have selected. After this, they will be informed of the price and can place their order online.

Intelligent Search Filters

Customers who enter the site can select their own make and model of vehicle from the set of filters in the “Search by Vehicle” section of the product catalogue. The system filters search results based on the make, model, year, and type of truck storage solution that is selected. Each of these filters are updated when new products are added to the extensive catalogue. Each filter is also populated based on the selection made in the other filters. For example, selecting a Ford make would provide the customer with a list of models like the F250 etc.
Truck Stor
Truck Stor
Truck Stor
Truck Stor
Truck Stor
Truck Stor

About Truck Stor and background information

Truck-Stor is a sister company to the D&R Electronics company. It outfits trucks with storage units and compartments. All types of trucks can be outfitted using their products, regardless of their brand or type. They make compartments and organizers for all sizes and models of work trucks. Customers using their trucks for multiple situations can order their components with Truck-stor.

The problem with Truck-Stor was that customers had to place their orders over the phone or manually. There was no online ordering system and no way of selecting products online. Compatibility for different truck types, sizes, and models was not shown to customers. There was also no ecommerce system in place, and all the orders were processed manually, which was quite inefficient.

  • Custom product builder
  • Part compatibility advisor
  • Online order system
  • Advanced custom configuration selector
  • Complete online ordering system
  • Parts compatibility list based on vehicle type
  • Truck size selection and customization

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