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Production Management

  • Centralized production control
  • Complete automation of multiple stages
  • Automated process scheduling

Online Ordering System

  • Live inventory updates
  • Custom price margins
  • Quantity discounts

Product Configurator

  • Real-time visual updates
  • Custom compatibility filters
  • Automatic SKU generation

Internal System Integration

  • Multi-system compatibility
  • Unique features tailored to client requirements

Calendars and Appointment Management

  • Custom notifications
  • Internal broadcast systems

Price Calculator

  • Real-time complex calculations
  • Multi-system integration
  • Custom price margins

Inventory Management System

  • Real-time dashboards
  • Custom modifications
  • Multi-system connectivity

Automated Mailing System

  • Scheduling
  • Custom notifications
  • Internal broadcast systems

PDF Generator

  • Automatic PDF generator
  • Picture-to-PDF conversion
  • Searchable PDF files

Search Filters

  • Custom search filter management
  • Automatic filter generation

QR Codes

  • Technical support, installation, and troubleshooting
  • Demonstrations of product capabilities

Electronics Control Systems

  • Central computer control interface
  • Digital performance records
  • Preset custom settings library

Database Conversions

  • NoSQL, Pervasive, and CSV conversions
  • Custom SQL query support

Compatibility Advisor

  • Automatic filter generation
  • Stage-to-stage item selection
  • Multi-system integration capabilities

Database Synchronization

  • Multiple languages programmed
  • Real time database updates
  • Synchronization with external databases

Performance Tracking and Reporting Systems

  • Custom report generation
  • Adjustable analysis parameters

Online Catalogue

  • Multi-system integration
  • Complex item relationships
  • Automatic SKU generation

User Accounts and Logins

  • Dedicated login spaces
  • Custom access levels
  • Unique data access

Ecommerce System

  • CRM and ERP connection
  • Quantity discount and special rate calculations
  • Carrier database communication

Electronic Data Interchange

  • Adherence to current EDI standards
  • Multi-protocol compatibility