Type of System

Product Configurator

Key Benefits

  • Real-time visual updates
  • Product customization at multiple stages
  • Custom compatibility filters
  • Automatic SKU generation


Product configuration systems allow businesses to process orders efficiently while allowing customers to build their own products. These builders are highly beneficial in improving organization and accessibility for customers, especially in situations that involve a large number of components and customizations with near-infinite permutations and combinations. This type of interactive system lets customers personalize their order at multiple points for a product and then automatically generates SKU for the final product, thus reducing errors. It also tailors quotes based on the consumer’s selection of products. Furthermore, the custom compatibility filters are applied automatically, which displays only the relevant results for the selections. This integration eliminates human interaction from the product selection process which in turn eliminates human error. Real-type visual updates to selection previews enable buyers to see the exact product that they plan on buying, leading to a significantly higher customer satisfaction rate.

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About Product Configurator

Online product builders utilize a step-by-step process of creating products based on multiple components such as color combinations, sizes, and other variables. As customers progress through the steps in the process, the automatic compatibility filter implementation in most scenarios ensures that the final product is fully compatible with all the selected custom features. Each final product created using these builders is tailored as per the consumer’s requirements. In certain situations, automated generation of unique SKU numbers for these custom products is implemented. This feature allows self-propagating catalogues and automatic inventory additions.

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