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Miller Office Trailers

Automatic filterable quote generation system with intelligent pricing

Automated quote generator

The quotation system in the Miller Office Trailers system is quite advanced because it is almost completely automated. A customer can log on to the website, choose the trailer they want, fill in the online form, and send it in to the company. The system notifies the people responsible, who can then approve the request. Upon approval, the system automatically calculates the price and generates a quote in PDF format. As everything is automated, there is no need to waste manpower and resources on calculating and writing up a quote for each customer.

Quote modification options

Customer requirements can change, as can the services offered by Miller Office Trailers. In addition to this, it is completely possible for prices to fluctuate at a moment’s notice, or for the inventory to see sudden changes. It is important for the company to be able to change a customer’s quotation if needed to ensure accurate information for each customer. Advanced modification options are available for each quote before it is approved and generated. Prices, exchange rates, and other factors can be changed at will.

Intelligent price calculator

One of the most important components of the automatic quotation generator is the pricing calculator. This analyzes the options the customer has selected when requesting the quote and calculates their order total automatically. It also takes into account quantity discounts, special offers, exchange rates, price fluctuations, and any other relevant factors to give an accurate, adjusted final price to customers.

Accounting system integration

When a quote is generated, it is done so in PDF format. Each quote is generated for a specific customer who requested it. The quote request form online has a field that requires a customer to enter their email address when requesting a quote. When the quotation is generated, it is automatically sent to the provided email address. This allows a customer to receive their quotes without any delays, which emphasizes the blinding speed with which Miller Office Trailers operates.

Automatic client mailer

The Production Management software was synchronized with the inventory management system and library databases for Custom Control Panels. As a result, managers can now view live inventory updates and place purchase orders preemptively. Client information is available with a single click and can be updated easily. Special inventory options such as minimum stock levels, preferred vendors, and even pricing information can be modified as required.

Automatic customer information updating

Miller Office Trailers is dedicated to customer service. Maintaining relevant and up-to-date customer records is a core part of their business model. Right now, their system can automatically update all the necessary departments with customer information changes as and when they are made. This includes job location details and the details of the office trailers rented by each customer.
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About Miller Office Trailers and background information

Miller Office Trailers is a company that provides trailers for mobile offices at construction sites and other locations. Based in Mississauga, it has over 70 years of experience in the mobile office field. It has the vision of being highly deadline oriented, providing smooth customer service, and being prompt with maintenance and customer responses.

In order to provide their high level of customer service, while retaining efficiency, Miller Office Trailers needed employees to spend less time on data entry and more time performing high-priority tasks. They also needed to cut expenses while providing site visitors with easy ways to obtain information about pricing and quotes based on their requirements. They also needed to tie in their orders to their accounting for easier calculations and more time saved.

  • Advanced automated generation of quotes
  • Automatic PDF generator (converts requests into quotes)
  • Automatic customer information updating
  • Advanced custom quote modification
  • Accounting system integration
  • Automatic emailing of quotations to customers
  • Automated quote generator
  • Quote modification options
  • Intelligent price calculator
  • Accounting system integration
  • Automatic client mailer

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