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Database Conversions

Sequential database conversions, database migrations, and upgrades

There are various outdated databases and file storage systems that exist today. These systems are incapable of integration with modern technology. However, loss of the data stored on these systems or being forced to reupload is unacceptable for clients with large quantities of data. Therefore, these systems such as non-relational databases, Pervasive PSQL engines, CSV files and more were successfully converted to MySQL (UNIX-based) or MS-SQL (Microsoft-based) systems based on requirements.

As a result of this conversion, all data within these systems became compatible with modern technology such as Structured Query Language (SQL) queries. This data could then be utilized to meet special needs. The benefits of these upgraded SQL-supported databases included complex query support, fully indexed and searchable data, an elimination of data processing errors, and no data duplication, among others.

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Database conversions

Key Benefits of Database Conversions for Your business

  • NoSQL, Pervasive, and CSV conversions
  • Custom SQL query support

Various benefits resulted from the conversion of these outdated, non-relational databases to MySQL or MS-SQL engines. Added support for advanced custom Structured Query Language commands provided simple, powerful query capabilities on the client-side for easier data navigation and searches. Additionally, these RDBMSs supported a server daemon to allow multiple users to access the data within the database via the network. This was a significant upgrade from the outdated transactional engines, which required physical access to the host machine. Furthermore, these advanced databases could parse data easily, leading to more efficient translation and elimination of data loss when communicating between the source code and the end-user data display.

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