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Video and Photography


Corporate Video

Having a corporate video that captures the essence of your company is a great way to enhance your corporate image and assert your presence on the market.

Photography and Editing

From product photography to corporate identity photoshoot – our photographers are equipped with the best technology and expertise to enhance the visual aspects of your website and corporate identity.

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Envisioning Things From a Unique Perspective

If you want website visitors to spend more time browsing the website and making the leap to become your clients, you need attractive visuals that will retain their attention.

Our visual design team has the expertise needed to produce, edit, and arrange images in ways that will make your website aesthetically appealing and memorable to the visitor.

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Our photography and video services include:

In-studio and on-site product photography

Post-production development

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Corporate video script development

Video production and editing

Vestra Inet scripts, prepares, and produces corporate videos that promote the company’s image and success on the market. Strategically developed scripts that are designed to uphold your company’s status, innovativeness, or brand image are realized by our video producers and post-production editors to create an enticing and visually stimulating end product that you will be proud to showcase as part of your corporate image.

Our videos are as professional as they get, conveying your corporate image to its viewers like never before. Each carefully prepared action and line is thoroughly vetted by our skilled team of multimedia experts before being approved and integrated into the script. We do as many takes as necessary to achieve perfection, because we believe your company deserves nothing less.

Transforming the Normal to the Incredible

Post-production and video editing

At Vestra Inet, we believe in helping you achieve a level of attractiveness no one can compete with. Our photography and video team take it to the next level with awesome photo editing and post-production. Let your visitors say hello to a new age of stunning visuals that embody the vision you have for your company, raising eyebrows and making sales.

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In-house studio with all the perks

We have a fully equipped, high-tech photography studio at our Toronto-based office, complete with a team of expert photographers and the latest in imaging technology, all of which is at your disposal.

Magical post-production and editing

We don’t just take amazing pictures and video – we perfect it. Our team edits your images and video to bring a refreshing, immersive experience to your site’s visitors. The result is a website that looks so good, even you won’t want to leave!

Expert photographers and videographers

To give you the best, we hire the best. Our photography team has been carefully selected for their incredible skills, from the ability to see everything with a unique angle to the ability to capture this on film.

Taking You from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Professionalism and a passion for perfection go hand in hand here at Vestra. Our photography team ensures that your website is the embodiment of your brand image. Our video and images don’t just make your site look pretty – they give it an identity your customers can relate to. From our professionally shot product images to our high-quality corporate video productions, there is nothing your company could possibly lack.

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