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Madani Rings

Custom visual configuration system with advanced pricing, inventory management, and custom reports

Visual product configuration

Madani Rings’ new system uses a visual configurator for customers to customize their ring selection the way they want. The configuration is completely visual, which real time updates to the design as the customer makes changes. They can select different styles, sizes, designs, materials. Each item they customize is reflected on the preview of the ring they are working on. This allows customers to be more informed about the ring they buy.

Advanced pricing calculator

Prices of rings change based on the products selected. Different materials and customizations can cost less or more based on their value. Customers don’t have to select a set of product designs and wait for a quote – the visual configuration system also includes a pricing calculator that updates the price of the ring being customized as and when changes are made. A customer will always see exactly how much they will have to pay when ordering their ring of choice.

Price margin management

On the company side, it is far easier to adjust the margins for prices of each product in the store. They can log in and change the pricing factors such as currency rates, exchange rates, market changes, and fluctuations in prices as needed. Madani Rings is given full control over the prices that are presented to their customers, which makes it far easier for them to improve customer satisfaction.

Custom sales reports

Performance tracking is an important part of any retail business. Madani distributes their products to retailers throughout the country. It is important to track the performance of each one. The system automatically generates sales reports that reflect the performance of each of the company’s interests throughout their operating range. This allows them to make changes to operations as needed. A specialized rebate calculator then automatically calculates the commission to be issued to the retailer for their performance.

Full ecommerce solution

Customers can now place their orders online instead of calling in to request a custom ring. They can select the customizations and quantity they want and then request delivery immediately. Customers don’t have to worry about payment anymore either, as Madani Rings’ new ecommerce solution allows them to accept payments from online payment processors and credit cards for payment. This streamlines the order process and makes it that much more attractive for customers.

Automatic IP Detection

Customers of Madani Rings come from across the US and Canada. Although the company is based in Canada, some of its shoppers browse from the US to buy their products. The system automatically detects the IP address from which the customer is browsing. It then changes the pricing on the calculator and invoices to match the currency of the region of the customer. US customers see prices in USD, and Canadian customers see CAD.
Madani Rings
Madani Rings
Madani Rings
Madani Rings
Madani Rings

Key Points of Madani Rings Software

  1. Visual product configuration
  2. Advanced pricing calculator
  3. Price margin management
  4. Custom sales reports
  5. Rebate calculator
  6. Online order system
  7. Full ecommerce solution

About Madani Rings and background information

Madani Rings is a premium Canadian ring supplier for all situations. They create handcrafted CNC machined rings that are made out of various metals. Customers can customize what they want their rings to look like, starting from scratch. The company focuses on premium quality and fast service.

Madani needed a system that would allow customers to pick and choose what their rings would look like before ordering them. They also needed to give their clients an estimate of their prices while they did so. Madani was unable to track sales performance well, which meant that quality control was impacted. There was no capability for online orders or even client profiles and preferences.

  • Advanced online product builder
  • Real-time visual configuration updates
  • Complete inventory management system
  • Intelligent real-time pricing calculator based on current configuration
  • Custom price margin settings with dedicated logins
  • Exchange rate and pricing control
  • Automatic IP address detection for location-based pricing
  • Complete ecommerce system with end-to-end order processing
  • Export/Import capability for item list during database changes
  • Custom sales reports for performance management

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