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MAD Elevator

Product builder with visual configuration, unique QR code generation, and ecommerce system

Visual product configurations

MAD Elevator was given a powerful new product builder that emphasizes on visual configuration. When a customer starts to build a product, they can see what the final product will look like as they make changes to their selection. Complicated design procedures are used to layer each configuration as it is chosen in the builder. This gives customers a smoother experience when creating their own designs, and allows them to choose what they want based on their personal preferences.

Custom product builder

If there is one thing contributing more than any other to a great customer experience, it is the power to customize products as they want. MAD Elevator is now able to utilize an advanced product building tool on their online interface. Customers can interact with the builder, selecting the parts they want for their elevators using the convenient drop-down lists.

Unique QR code generator

Part identification is important in a company like MAD Elevator because of the vast inventory of unique products and systems they have. Whenever a new product is ordered or added to the store, a unique QR code is generated to go with it. This QR code links directly back to the online store page for that item and its compatible parts. The code can be attached to each part or assembly before it is installed.

Mobile app with QR scanner

To provide technicians and customers with easier access to the store when in need of parts for repairs or replacement, a mobile app was created. This app has a QR code scanner feature built in that can scan the QR code of the part for which a replacement is needed. When scanned, the customer is taken directly to the relevant store page for that part. This allows technicians and clients to place their orders faster and reduces the inaccuracies and possible errors in orders.

Complete ecommerce solution

Prior to Vestra’s solution, customers ordering parts and systems at MAD Elevator were only able to do so manually. They had to call, email, or otherwise work with a support staff member to place their orders and make payments. This antiquated method was not efficient at all, so it was decided to build a complete ecommerce system. Customers can now order and pay for their configured elevator systems online without having to deal with an intermediate party.

Detailed assembly breakdown

When a technician or customer navigates to the store page of a system using either the QR code or another method, they are presented with options. They can buy the new assembly as a complete system, or they can buy individual parts that make up the assembly. A detailed breakdown of the smaller components that make up the assembly is visible. Each component can be added on its own and has its own QR code too, to ensure accuracy when ordering.
Mad Elevator Visual Product Configurator
Mad Elevator Visual Product Configurator
Mad Elevator Visual Product Configurator
Mad Elevator Visual Product Configurator
Mad Elevator Visual Product Configurator
Mad Elevator Visual Product Configurator

Key Points of MAD Elevator Software

  1. Visual product configurations
  2. Custom product builder
  3. Unique QR code generator
  4. Mobile app with QR scanner
  5. Complete ecommerce solution
  6. Detailed assembly breakdown

About MAD Elevator and background information

MAD Elevator is the result of a partnership between MAD Fixtures and Mainline Elevator. It provides complete elevator solutions including design, installation and interior design. Everything from the electronics to the architectural aspect is covered by MAD, with the process starting at their 80,000 sq. ft. facility.

MAD Elevator had no online capabilities. Their clients were unable to select their products online as there was no catalogue and no custom configurations. They were also sorely in need of a mobile platform and application that could be used to place orders quickly, as well as an ecommerce platform. A strategy like custom barcodes or QR codes would have worked wonders. MAD also required a pricing system and a better internal order system.

  • Custom product selection, catalogue, and product builder with visual configurations
  • Automatic QR code generation for each new product added to the store
  • Mobile application for easier access to the store by scanning QR code on parts
  • Technicians are able to place orders for clients faster using QR codes
  • Full ecommerce system with currency and price fluctuation settings
  • Allows purchase of components whole or as individual parts

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