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Darta Fleet Solutions

Advanced Online Order System with Custom Product Configuration

Configuration selector

DARTA’s operations are focused on outfitting vehicles in emergency services fleets with the equipment they need to function well. In this system, clients are able to select and customize the configurations they want for their fleets. Each piece of equipment in their inventory can be added or removed as needed to create a truly unique outfitting. Customers are able to select these configurations for each of their vehicles and customize them as needed.

Compatibility Advisor

Since DARTA supplies parts for all types of fleet vehicles in a variety of situations and brands, it can be difficult for a customer to select the items that apply to their unique needs from the list. However, an intelligent compatibility advisor ensures that only compatible parts are listed for the chosen fleet and vehicles. For example, flashing lights suggested for police cars will be different to those suggested for ambulances. Each part is selected automatically and suggested to the customer.

Online Ordering System

After having customized their parts as needed, customers don’t have to call in to request a quote. Instead, they can add their selected configurations online using the order form now integrated into the system. Quotes can be requested online and communication with DARTA is far easier because of it. A complete online ordering system allows a new client to request the information and pricing they need for their fleet quickly and easily.

Visual Guide for Configuration

The configurator that is present on the DARTA Fleet Solutions site also features a handy visual guide for any customer looking to outfit their fleet of emergency vehicles from scratch. Clearly presented numbers and a picture of the relevant vehicle appear depending on the customer’s selection. For example, a customer who selects a Police SUV as the vehicle to configure is presented with a labeled picture of a police SUV vehicle for reference.

About Darta Fleet Solutions and background information

Darta Fleet Solutions is the sister company to one of the largest vehicle electronics manufacturers in the country, D and R Electronics. It outfits fleets of emergency vehicles with the latest electronics from D&R, providing gear for police, fire, and security fleets. They have ultra-high-quality services with consulting services, great partners, and high-tech solutions.

While Darta Fleet Solutions had a great vision, they lacked one critical feature – online ordering. Without this, clients would have to physically visit their facility or place orders over the phone. This was inefficient, and led to lowered sales volume because of the inconvenience to customers. In addition to this, personalization of a vehicle needed to include a compatibility guide for products from D&R that were matched up to client vehicles.

  • Configuration selector
  • Part compatibility advisor
  • Online ordering
  • Customizable configurations for fleet vehicle outfitting
  • Intelligent compatibility guide that matches parts to vehicles
  • Complete online order system

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