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Vestra Calendar

Appointment calendar with custom scheduling, status tracking, and telemarketer dashboard system

Custom event calendar with scheduling system

The new Vestra calendar has custom events that can be set for different consultations and appointments. Consultants can set their availability on the calendar, allowing everyone using it to see which consultant is available to take on appointments at any time. Appointments are interactive on the calendar, and can be clicked on to view more details about them. Custom notifications can be sent as well to inform consultants and clients about scheduled appointments. The status of an event can be changed at any time by anyone with authorization.

Appointment status tracking

The status of any appointment can be tracked throughout its lifetime. Notifications are sent out if appointments are cancelled, confirmed, or postponed. In addition, there are specialized dashboards to organize appointments by date or client, and to assign consultants to them as needed. The status of each appointment is also presented visually on the calendar, with different colors for easier understanding of their status.

Telemarketer dashboards

Appointments are scheduled by telemarketers who place calls to potential leads in the GTA. The performance of each telemarketer can be monitored using the calendar. Live status tracking is available, so that a manager can look at what a telemarketer is doing, how many hours they have logged, how many calls have turned into leads, and more. This allows performance to be tracked closely and appropriate rewards or measures to be taken faster.

Appointment history

The system doesn’t just schedule appointments, it remembers them. If two appointments are logged for the same client in the same week, for example, the calendar notices this and remedies it. In the same way, a client’s consultation history can be brought up and analyzed to identify their viability as potential sales. With detailed appointment history being recorded, it is far easier to streamline operations.
Vestra Calendar
Vestra Calendar
Vestra Calendar
Vestra Calendar
Vestra Calendar
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About Vestra Calendar and background information

Vestra Inet is a Toronto-based web design and business development company. It is one of the largest in Toronto, with operations that extend across the GTA. The company has some of the most high-profile clients in the region. It provides business and IT consulting for businesses throughout the region, doing so with the help of a network of professional telemarketers.

Vestra Inet needed a way for their telemarketers to schedule bookings with the consultants without experience clashes in scheduling. There needed to be smoother communication between the marketers and consultants for a better client experience. There also needed to be easy-to-use appointment tracking. The company also needed a way to track the performance of each of their active telemarketers over time.

  • Custom event calendar
  • Appointment scheduling system
  • Appointment status tracking
  • Telemarketer dashboards
  • Appointment calendar with interactive features
  • Custom scheduling for appointments and availability
  • Ability to track leads and appointments by their status
  • Real-time dashboards to monitor telemarketer performance
  • Custom notifications for appointment confirmation/cancellation
  • System remembers appointment history for each client

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