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Walker Machinery

Synchronization between multiple databases with online ordering and inventory control

Multi-database synchronization

A complex bridge between multiple databases has been integrated into the system designed for Walker Machinery. This bridge allows the database of the company to synchronize with other supplier databases across North America. The older databases are now easier to communicate with, allowing all their information to be imported to and exported from the sequential database that has been implemented for Walker.

Complete inventory control system

With such a large database of machinery, Walker Machinery needed a way to manage their stocks easily. Vestra implemented a complete inventory control solution, which updates the available stock levels in real time. When customers place orders, the machines are updated in terms of availability and notifications are sent out to suppliers if needed. There is also an easy-to-use interface which Walker’s managers can interact with to manage their inventory.

Online order placement

Placing orders for machinery online is now possible on Walker Machinery. An online order placement form is also available, so that customers can quickly select the products they want, add them to an online shopping cart, and then send their selected products in to check if they are available. This is also a handy way to implement an automatic quotation generator.

Quotation generator

Customers can now request and receive quotes for the items they have selected. These quotes take the form of PDF files for easier perusal. Quotes can be requested using the online ordering system. When an order is approved, the price is calculated, along with other information, and a PDF is generated. This is sent out to the customer who placed the request via email.
Walker Machinery
Walker Machinery
Walker Machinery
Walker Machinery
Walker Machinery
Walker Machinery

About Walker Machinery and background information

Walker Machinery is a Canadian company that has been in the business for over 20 years. It is a company that specializes in selling used and new metal cutting tools and machines. They are experienced in selling milling and cutting equipment. The company is also known for a high level of customer service and a wide range of products.

The problem facing Walker Machinery was that there was no online ordering or customer interaction tool to speak of. Customers were unable to request quotes, and they were unable to place orders for products online. There was also a very limited database because of communication issues with other supply networks.

  • Multi-database synchronization
  • Complete inventory control system
  • Online order placement
  • Quotation generator
  • Information sharing with supply networks
  • Synchronization between master database and new database
  • Inventory control system with real-time changes
  • Complete online order placement system
  • Automatic quote generation for products in cart

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