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D&R Electronics

Online catalog and inventory management with compatibility advisor system

Online cataloguing system

D and R Electronics is responsible for supplying safety equipment and electronic accessories to outfit emergency vehicle fleets. The range of products they have in their inventory is a vast one. This is mainly due to the diversity of vehicles and requirements for any fleet. The catalogue of products they offer is now online and organized very well indeed. Custom filters can be used for customers to look for the products they want by their intended usage and other factors like their niche.

Inventory control system

Because D&R supplies clients in a diverse number of fields, it is normal to have constant updates to their inventory. However, this was only done manually, which led to a lot of inefficiency and inaccuracy in inventory management. Vestra’s new system changes this by providing D&R with an effective automated inventory control system. This system updates inventory levels in real time as orders are placed and new products are added to the store.

Product compatibility advisor

Clients who want to purchase the many products D&R has to offer can sign up for a new account with the company through the dedicated client login spaces. After this, they can choose the products they want for their fleet of vehicles. Each product is suggested to the customer based on their fleet vehicle and whether or not the part is compatible with that vehicle. This intelligent system ensures that clients only ever have to deal with compatible parts for their fleet.

Compatibility rollover system

Every year, new models of vehicles are released to the market in the safety and emergency services industry. Some parts may not be compatible with newer vehicle models and units. The compatibility of the parts in the inventory is assessed against the current market automatically every year. The advisor updates itself accordingly so as to provide each customer with accurate, up-to-date recommendations when choosing products.

About D&R Electronics and background information

D & R equipment is one of the largest and most professional manufacturers of sound, lighting, and safety gear for clients in the emergency services including police, fire, and EMS. They have been in the business since 1976, and provide a wide range of products such as consoles, sirens, storage compartments, and lighting systems.

Products weren’t categorized by their function, compatibility and style, so clients would have difficulty figuring out which products were made for their vehicles. In addition to this, they lacked any form of online ordering or product browsing, and there was no real-time inventory management in place. Clients would have no idea what to do or what products to choose.

  • Organized online catalogue
  • Inventory control system
  • Product compatibility advisor
  • Automatic compatibility updates for new models
  • Diverse online catalog of all available products organized by filters
  • Advanced inventory control system with real-time updates
  • Advices clients about product compatibility based on their vehicles
  • Yearly automatic part compatibility updates as new models enter the market

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