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Online product builders utilize a step-by-step process of creating products based on multiple components, color combinations, sizes, and other variables. As customers progress through the steps in the process, automatic compatibility filter implementation in most scenarios ensured that the final product was ideally suited. Each final product created using these builders was tailored uniquely to customer requirements. In certain situations, automated generation of unique SKU numbers for these custom products was implemented. This feature permitted self-propagating catalogues and automatic inventory additions.

In situations where large quantities of components and selections existed with near-infinite combinations possible, these builders were highly beneficial in improving organization and accessibility for customers. Custom compatibility filters were applied to the selections automatically to ensure relevant results being displayed. Furthermore, the integration of the product builders eliminated human interaction from the product selection process. Real-time visual updates to selection previews enabled customers to see exactly what they were getting at all times, leading to significantly higher customer satisfaction.

    • Real-time visual updates
    • Custom compatibility filters
    • Automatic SKU generation

Implementation of these inventory management systems improved the speed of inventory additions and stock level updates. Additionally, the complex relationships that were defined among assemblies with infinite combinations of smaller components ensured error-free organization of inventories with complicated structures. For clients with multiple warehouses, seamless updates to inventory levels occurred across various locations which drastically improved the level of organization within these companies. Furthermore, different databases and structures were interconnected as required, which facilitated information sharing about various components.