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Rental Software

Business intelligence, data, and processes consolidated - enterprise management made easy

Custom rental tracking and management software was designed to allow clients to supply items on long-term and short-term rentals to customers. The rental software could be integrated with custom ERPs and all database types, whether SQL-based or not.

Functionality was built to support recurring rentals as well as custom discounts for rental prices. Rented items were automatically updated in inventory management systems to provide accurate stock level tracking. Rental items could be assigned different statuses including lost items, repairs, and maintenance, with custom work order creation supported. The rental software could also be integrated with reporting systems to provide high-level overviews of the state of the inventory on hand.

Project sample
Rental Software Lock8 Screenshot
Rental Software Lock8 Screenshot

Key Benefits of Rental Software for Your business

  • Integration with ERPs, reporting, and inventory management systems
  • Custom item discounts and rental terms
  • Recurring, short-term, and long-term rental support

Implementation of custom rental software resulted in significant improvements in customer satisfaction. Through rentals, customers were able to avoid depreciation associated with item purchases. Additionally, clients could view custom reports and track the status of all rented items in the inventory in real-time through the seamless integration with the inventory management systems. The risk of human error was eliminated through the automation of key processes such as work order creation.

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