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3 Sales Quoting Challenges - And How To Solve Them

3 Sales Quoting Challenges - And How To Solve Them



The ever-changing supply chain trends, political and global factors, ever-increasing competition can seriously affect business operations. With so many variables, there is one thing that needs to be precise and accurate, and that is your quotes. But is your quoting process really seamless? In this blog, we will review some of the most common challenges businesses face when generating quotes for their clients and provide a solution that makes an impact. 



Quotation Generation Challenges And The Solution


Before doing your research on the best software to tackle your quotation challenges, it is important to define them first. So, here they are:



Generating quotes takes too much time


Depending on the complexity of the order, the average time to generate a quote is somewhere between 45 min and 24 hours. If it takes you longer than that, chances of losing customers is much higher. Clients are generally looking to get quotes as quickly as possible, and if they want to change their quote along the way, they want to have the updated one as soon as possible. If your existing technology doesn't allow you to generate quotes fast and update them even faster, you are missing out on a lot of sales opportunities. 



Lack of transparency, tracking and control


Larger quotes generally take more time to generate. Longer quote generation time is more typical of larger industrial companies or companies where configuring a product from scratch is a part of the overall sales process. The ability to make changes in the quote and track them is of utmost significance for industrial companies, and is, unfortunately, the feature often missing in the traditional methods of generating quotes like Spreadsheets. 



Reliance on software that is no longer efficient


In the modern world, data is the new oil. And if that data is up-to-date and easily accessible, it can fuel your sales process and drive your business growth. Unfortunately, legacy software or writing quotes on a piece of paper is no longer considered efficient. Not being able to access and update client information in real-time makes you lag behind the competition.



Quoting Challenges Solved With Custom Quotation Software


Digitizing your quote generation process is the ultimate solution to all quotation generation challenges. Custom quotation software automates all processes that significantly slow the quotation generation process. It is a highly-efficient solution that allows you to access quotes instantly and adjust the information in real-time. Quotation system helps significantly reduce the time it takes to generate even the most complex quotes. So, if you are looking for a solution where you can create and update quotes quickly, custom quotation software is the way to go.