Quote System

Key Benefits

  • Automated quote generation
  • Real-time pricing adjustment
  • Seamless Integration with existing systems

Generating accurate quotations is an essential part of automating business operations. The basic functionality of a quotation system is to help businesses provide accurate pricing to customers instantaneously. No two orders are the same and the quotation generation systems need to be advanced enough to handle these nuances. We build systems that connect between pricing, product details and order specifics to provide your customers with accurate quotes, allowing them to proceed with the purchase without hesitation.

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About Quote System

Generic quotation systems are impractical at best. In today’s dynamic environment, businesses need to implement the latest systems to stay competitive. While some businesses are offering services, others are offering products. Having the same quotation structure for both does not make sense. We learn about the nature of your business and build quotation generation systems that help your customers get an accurate quote. The systems we built have helped businesses retain customers, facilitated the shopping experience, and automated the sales cycle processes. Our custom quote generation systems have the capability to transfer the manual quotation process used by a company and translate it into a digital system. We build on the relationships between product modifications and pricing and create a system that manages these relationships without live agent involvement.

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  1. 01. Custom product-pricing relationship builder.

    The quote is built based on the relationship between product specifications and pricing.

  2. 02. System integration.

    Quotation system can be tied to product configurator, accounting, and other relevant systems.

  3. 03. Discount and price exception adjustments.

    Temporary and client-specific discounts can be created and reflected during quotation.

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