Product Configurator

Key Benefits

  • Real-time product view
  • Automatic SKU generation
  • Multiple-stage customization
  • Quote generation integration
  • Custom compatibility filters

Product configuration software is a smart tool that allows your customers to accurately configure products to the smallest detail before ordering them. We design custom product configuration systems to intelligently guide users in a step-by-step process, ending up with their desired product. Product modifications can be visualized in real time, enabling your customers to see the unit as each element or detail is added or deleted. This feature also enables your customers to preview the product before placing an order, giving you confidence that your customers get a positive post-purchase impression and will come to you for more business.

When we build product configurators, we account for compatibility filters and exceptions that apply automatically as your client customizes the product, ensuring incompatible or irrelevant elements are not displayed during configuration. This accounts for your unique assembly process so that your customers can be guided through the product assembly without live agent involvement.

Product configurator can be integrated with a custom quote generator feature so your customers can create a quote and adjust it at any time before placing the order. Once the product is fully configured, the system can automatically generate a unique SKU, ensuring your customer’s order details are secure and error-free and the product your client receives in the end is exactly what they ordered.

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About Product Configurator

Product configurator is a must-have tool for businesses selling custom or configurable products. It eliminates any manual input when it comes to customizing a product, ensuring the highest level of accuracy of the final manufactured unit. No need to hire trained staff to understand your clients’ needs and manually assemble orders. Product configurator can process the most complex orders regardless of the number of components and customizations, ensuring the product is configured with the highest precision before it is sent for production.

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  1. 01. Utmost precision of finished unit.

    Your customers will enjoy the exact product they ordered, getting your business another loyal client.

  2. 02. Real-Time Visualization.

    Customer gets to see the end product before it is even produced.

  3. 03. Automation of the sales process.

    End-sales and payment processing can happen without the involvement of live agents, reducing the work that needs to be done.

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