Forecasting Software

Key Benefits

  • Accurate sales and stock level predictions
  • Full reporting functionality to provide year-over-year proof of benefits
  • Synchronization with key data collection systems for highly accurate predictions
  • Analysis of variables and aspects when forecasting


Specialized sales and supply forecasting software is developed to streamline supply chain and logistics management. Complex algorithms support the analysis of multiple data sets to build accurate predictions for supply and demand on a national scale. Items can have a specified minimum stock level in various locations. The system accurately predicts stock levels over a future time period and allows automatic purchase order creation to replenish levels. Additionally, a custom dashboard provides a snapshot of forecasts and gives access to customizable reporting tools.

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About Forecasting Software

Usage of custom forecasting software can give clients a significant reduction in emergency supply chain issues. It eliminates human error as the algorithm uses historical information to calculate sales during different seasons, taking into account promotions and discounts. Custom reporting enables clients to report benefits to management for better budgeting and quantifiable savings. Automated purchase orders ensure suppliers are provided with consistent and accurate requirements for stock replenishment.

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