Custom ERP

Key Benefits

  • Custom-tailored to your business
  • Cross-module integration
  • Workflow automation
  • Saved labor costs 
  • Enhanced employee experience

Unlike ready-made software, that requires you to adapt your business to its existing modules, a custom-built ERP mimics your business’s every possible operational task according to your unique specifications. By being highly flexible, a custom-designed ERP allows you to integrate new modules to match the ever-changing requirements of your business. With a custom-built ERP, your business processes are managed from one single hub resulting in consolidated data, more efficient workflow and saved costs. 


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About Custom ERP

A custom ERP software is designed to mirror your existing business operations. Built exactly for your enterprise, custom ERP software will ensure smooth operation allowing you to eliminate unnecessary software and tasks while focusing on processes that really matter. With a custom-built ERP your workflow will be as streamlined as it can be, leading to enhanced customer and employee experience and a boost in sales. By choosing Vestra Inet to design an ERP software for your enterprise, you will save cash in the long run and take your business to the next level.

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  1. 01. Custom-built around your business needs

    Custom-designed ERP software wraps around your business mimicking your existing workflow allowing you to focus on growing your business. 

  2. 02. Workflow automation

    By automating some of the manually performed tasks not only will you see the workflow speed up, but also save costs on labor and see improved employee performance, without affecting your existing operations.

  3. 03. Easy module integration

    Custom-made ERP software provides an opportunity to effectively manage your financial, operational and customer data from one central hub boosting your business’ efficiency and driving more sales in the long run.

  4. 04. Data analysis and reporting

    Custom-built ERP software enables you to analyze data across all sectors of your business and spin it into actionable insights such as new business opportunities, ways to optimize current operations and improve customer engagement.

  5. 05. Saves money on labor and unnecessary software

    A system tailored around your workflow results in reduced labor hours and operational times.

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