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Embracing Digital Transformation In The Metals Processing Industry: Key Features and Trends

Embracing Digital Transformation In The Metals Processing Industry: Key Features and Trends



Digital transformation has taken the industrial sector by storm. Its impact on the manufacturing sector has already been discussed in a previous blog. In this blog, the focus is more on the metal processing industry, mainly metal fabrication. We will be talking about some major trends observed in this area due to digital transformation. The blog also unveils some key features brought about by this rampant digitization, which is largely made possible due to Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things.



Key Trends In The Metal Processing Industry


Here Are Some Major Benefits/Trends Observed in the Last Few Years Due to Digitization


- A marked increase in operational efficiency, particularly in the maintenance of equipment and assembly lines.

- A deeper insight into the complexity of the supply chain and how it can be integrated digitally using technology such as custom software.

- Remote access to equipment controls and the ability to monitor their performance in real-time.


Now, Here Are Some Fundamental Features That Have Given Birth to These Positive Trends


Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing


With prototyping being a major aspect of metal fabrication and processing, conventional means can take weeks or even months. However, with the integration of additive manufacturing and 3D printing, the prototyping process has become exponentially faster. Now, parts can be manufactured in real-time in a matter of days or even hours. Furthermore, it has improved the accuracy of the fabricated parts as it offers ample room for optimization due to its quick turnaround time. Lastly, manufacturers can install additive manufacturing technology in-house, making it cost-effective and hassle-free.


Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring is a protocol of receiving constant feedback from industrial sensors so any discrepancy or error can be tackled instantaneously. It also provides room to improve the process and improve its maintenance efficiency. Digital transformation has brought about this change by integrating industrial sensors with quality custom software programs catering to a particular operation, consequently reducing downtime and maximizing equipment value.


Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

VR/AR is the cutting edge technology in the metal processing sector as it directly optimizes key areas of the operation such as maintenance, training and design. Some excellent examples of VR/AR applications include:


- Concise instructions for maintenance and the feature to monitor the process for accuracy.
- Virtually prototyping a new part or assembly to make it as functional and cost-effective as possible.


Lastly, these VR/AR features can be custom-made according to the unique equipment and operation processes of a metal processing company. An expert custom software development company, like Vestra Inet, can help you in this endeavor.


To conclude, while digital transformation might seem like a hefty investment, it has become a necessity in the metal processing sector to stay afloat and competitive as its benefits in terms of optimizing manufacturing, maintenance, reducing downtime and increasing monetary profits are unparalleled.


Vestra Inet is a premier custom software development company based in Toronto, offering comprehensive custom software solutions to businesses in the industrial domain. With over 20 years of experience in this sector, we have successfully delivered over 500 successful custom software solutions to clients in the manufacturing and distribution sectors. So if you wish to improve your operational efficiency, contact us today and we will devise a system that will transform your metal processing operations forever.