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The ABCs of Custom Inventory Software: Assess, Build, Customize

The ABCs of Custom Inventory Software: Assess, Build, Customize



There are many reasons why companies hold off with the implementation of custom inventory software. Some fear change and don’t think they are ready for it. Others believe inventory management software will not make any difference in their operations. And while we do think that educating our clients on the benefits of custom inventory software is important, we find it equally important to talk about the process of adopting custom inventory management software itself and reveal the steps to a successful software adoption. 

How To Make Custom Inventory Software Adoption a Success?



Every software adoption process starts with a thorough assessment of the company’s current needs and challenges. At this stage, it is important to not only review the existing processes and identify gaps but also speak with the employees and key stakeholders. Getting their insight on the current workflow and identifying the challenges they face will help understand where the company needs to improve and how the new inventory software can tackle the company's challenges. 




At this stage, the challenges have to be clearly defined and a tentative solution drawn up. The custom software development company will sit with you to study and understand your needs. It is a stage where a lot of research happens before the future custom inventory software prototype is created. During this stage, you will have a lot of back and forth conversations with the custom software provider as you will want your software to solve your challenges and address all your pain points to the fullest extent. 


Choose a reliable software provider with expertise in your specific field


Before settling with a provider, it is recommended to consult with various custom software development companies to gain an idea of what’s offered on the market and select the vendor who can devise a solution that can really tackle the challenges. It is important to mention that vendors with experience in building custom inventory software will know how to create a solution that will best address the company’s challenges than those with no specific experience in the industry. 




Customization is the most important stage in the entire process. The company should be able to tweak the software as many times as needed to make it a perfect fit for the business. It is important to test software every time a functionality is added or removed or any other changes are made to it. 

The takeaways

Adoption of new software always brings about challenges. But it is also a new opportunity to optimize the inventory management processes and ultimately increase profits. If you are ready for the change (or even if you are not!) Vestra Inet is ready to help you make a transition and make the most out of the new software. In business for over two decades, we have built a reputation of a reliable software provider with expertise in the industrial sector. Many distribution and metalworking companies have trusted us with their software needs. Check our portfolio here and get in touch with us to discuss your options today!