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4 Tips for an Error-free ERP Customization Process

January 06, 2023
4 Tips for an Error-free ERP Customization Process

Customizing the existing ERP software is one of the ways for companies to keep up with the competition. In order to make sure customizations work for the benefit of the business and not damage it, it is crucial to ensure they are done right. In this blog, we explore how to make sure modifications to the existing custom ERP software are as harmless as possible and bring only the desired results to a business. But first, let’s take some time to distinguish between ERP customization and ERP configuration. 

What is the difference between ERP customization and ERP configuration?

ERP customization and configuration are two different notions and here’s how: 


ERP configuration implies changes made to the default settings of the software, most of the time the ready-made ones. The changes like access control, custom fields etc. are configured in the software before it’s installed. The ERP’s architecture remains untouched in this case. It is similar to buying a new phone and setting the language and time zone before using the device. 


ERP customization implies modifications in the software’s coding system. It may include implementing design changes, integrating third-party features to support the core software, altering the software’s source code to improve its functionality etc. Customization involves digging into the system’s architectural code, so it has to be done right and as error-free as possible for the software to function properly. 

How to minimize errors during ERP customization?

1. Buy software with built-in protection layers 

Protection layers (or abstraction layers) are technical components of the software that shield the core application from changes. It offers businesses an advantage to test and tweak customizations before implementing them without harming the system as a whole. Most modern ERP systems will have this kind of “protection” layer. If you own an off-the-shelf or custom ERP software and looking to add new features to it, ask your provider if the system has abstraction layers built into it.

2. Customize wisely

For the customizations to bring valuable results to your business, they need to respond to its most urgent needs. You need to assess the long-term value of the proposed customizations to understand how they can improve your business. In other words, don’t just customize because you want to customize. Do it only to address real business problems.

3. Revisit your existing custom ERP software

Customizations done in the past may no longer be in line with your current business objectives. Thus, they don’t bring the desired value anymore. Instead, they burden your ERP system and complicate its structural design. Take the time to declutter your existing ERP software to start considering new modifications that can be more advantageous to your business. 

4. Talk to your provider.

It is crucial to talk to your vendor before planning any major modifications to your existing ERP system. The custom software development company you got your software from knows the system like no one else, so they will be able to guide you on all aspects of customizations, including the risks that the software can be subjected to during the modification process.


Vestra Inet is a premier Toronto-based custom software development company with years of experience creating custom ERP software. We can develop a system from scratch or customize your existing software to make sure it caters exactly to your business needs. From software developers and IT consultants to graphic designers, we employ over 40+ in-house specialists who work together to deliver top-notch results to our clients. Speak to us today to learn how we can make your software better. 


Customizing your existing software must be treated with the utmost responsibility. It requires a significant time (and sometimes cost) investment before meaningful results begin to appear. However, modernizing your software is many times more beneficial than sticking to the one that’s obsolete. 

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