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6 Signs Your Business Needs an ERP System

November 11, 2022
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Custom ERP software is known to be a great process optimization tool. However, it is also an investment and an undertaking at the same time. If you are still in doubt about whether or not to invest in an ERP system, read this blog to learn about 6 signs that indicate it’s about time. 


Here are signs your business is ready for ERP software

Your business processes rely on little to no automation

If the majority of tasks within your business are performed manually, this is an indication that it’s time for an upgrade. Why is automation so important? Because it’s a global trend already adopted by most of your competitors. According to the World Economic Forum, 42% of the time spent on manufacturing tasks will be automated using robots in 2022. Even though robots are not the main topic of this blog, the idea remains the same - automation is engulfing the global industry and there is no way back. 

Data management has become a nightmare

As data is the core of any business, it is important to keep it organized for effective process management. However, when spreadsheets are the only tool you use to store, access and manage your data, data control turns into chaos, affecting the overall business processes. Custom ERP software is able to store all critical business data, allowing for quick and easy access to information from anywhere anytime. 

You have no unified software to control day-to-day-activities

Managing larger-scale businesses requires more resources and effort as there are finances, sales, production processes and customer relationships that require constant and rigorous oversight. When all processes are in disconnect, it becomes complicated to manage your business processes effectively. Custom ERP acts as a centralized platform that integrates all processes into one system, allowing CEOs and executive managers to better oversee daily activities. 

You are unable to keep up with customer demands

If your inventory levels are unable to keep up with your customer demands, it’s a clear sign that you are in need of business software. Custom ERP software can come with a built-in forecasting tool that allows you to accurately predict sales and stock levels and make informed decisions when it comes to restocking your inventory. It can also integrate with inventory management software that tells you exactly when your stock is running low on materials or goods.

Your customer reviews dropped

Your customers’ loyalty is what makes your business thrive. So when you observe a significant drop in customer ratings or a decrease in sales numbers, it’s a sign that your business needs an upgrade. Custom ERP software is just that upgrade that will significantly improve your daily business operations and help you win your customers’ loyalty back. 

Your business runs on outdated software

Disparate legacy IT systems are one of the most common reasons why businesses experience a slowdown or fail to keep up with recurring industry trends. Substituting your old-school systems with unified custom ERP software will help you gain better control of your business and explore more opportunities for growth. 


With a surge of technology in the 21st century, businesses are compelled to choose between keeping up with the trend or sticking to old business management methods. And the majority of the time, choosing the latter leads to a certain level of stagnation. A custom ERP system will help you avoid such situations. 

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