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    Striking a balance between passion & professionalism. Our diverse team consists of developers, programmers, database specialists, consultants, designers, SEO professionals, content writers, and outstanding tech support specialists. We offer a one-stop solution for all your business's digital needs.

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    Get software that streamlines your business operations by adapting to and enhancing your workflow.

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7 Stages of Software Development Life Cycle

software development

In today’s day and age, you must be living under a rock to not have heard the term ‘Software Development’. With the advancement in internet technology, software development has become a key service to help your business grow exponentially.


If you are wondering what’s all the fuss about software development, we present you seven stages of software development cycle to help you understand all the work that is required to develop a software for your business.




Here are seven stages of the software development life cycle:


  1. Planning: Every successful operation requires a blueprint that clearly lists the tasks and the people involved in the process. The planning stage of SDLC chalks out all the different steps that one needs to undertake while developing software, and assigns each steps to designated teams of talented individual. Factors like client requirement, budget, and delivery date are also taken into account while planning.
  2. Requirement and Feasibility Analysis: Before starting work on client requirements, it is important to analyse their feasibility. This phase determines what parts of the client brief can be implemented in a software and identifies any impractical expectations that client might have from the software. This step is crucial to communicate right expectations with the client.  
  3. Prototype Designing: Once the feasibility analysis is done, programmers and software developers work on designing a logic on which the software will operate. After hours of coding, a basic prototype is created that will emulate the functionalities of the proposed software.
  4. Software Development: After the successful execution of prototype design, we enter the stage of full-blown software development where no stones are left unturned in building the perfect software to solve client’s needs.    
  5. Testing: After the software is created in a development environment, it is subjected to extensive testing to ensure that software is error-free. The bugs that are identified in testing are fixed by software developers. This phase is repeated till no errors are found in testing.
  6. Implementation: Once the software is certified error-free by the testing team, it needs to be implemented in the production environment for the client to use.  The implementation phase ensures that no glitches arise while releasing the software live in production.    
  7. Maintenance and Update: Over the period of time, basic software maintenance is required for the optimal performance of the software. Any minor changes that need to be added to the software can be done in this maintenance and update phase.  


Interested in working with a software development team in Toronto? Vestra Inet is known for developing custom software to help small businesses achieve their fullest potential in terms of market reach, sales, and overall growth. Contact us today to discuss how we can scale your business to new heights!