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Custom ERP User Training: Why It Is Important and How to Get It Right

Custom ERP User Training: Why It Is Important and How to Get It Right



Choosing the best ERP software on the market does not guarantee success. One of the aspects often overlooked by companies and the one that can flush ERP implementation down the drain is user training. If your employees don't know how to use the new software, your business processes won’t improve, and your ROI won’t be as high as you expected it to be with the implementation of the new software. Ultimately, it’s the employees who will be using the software most of the time, so they need to be trained on how to use it. If you are struggling with getting your employees to adopt the new custom ERP software, the strategies outlined in this blog will help you ease the transition. So, read on!

5 User Training Strategies That Will Increase Adoption

Develop a training plan 


Just like with any other initiative, having a plan sets up the stage for the success of the entire project. The same goes for ERP user training. Prepare a plan outlining the steps of the training process and stick to it as much as possible. Documenting the training process will be useful if you plan on hiring more employees and need a refresher on the training process. 


Set a budget


Training employees on the new custom ERP software requires time, and time, as you already know, is money. Set a budget that you can afford for training your employees and build your training plan around that. Get employees already versed in the new software to train other staff. Peer training can, sometimes, be the most effective way to learn the new system. 


Train users to use only the system they need


This means training your accounting team to use the accounting features, and your warehouse team to use the inventory features. Doing so will ensure certain team members can access only the features relevant to their role. It will also help you save time, effort and money.


Train consistently


No learning process is finite. There will always be something new for your team to learn, so conducting custom ERP software training sessions regularly (say, once per six months) will help reinforce the knowledge your team has already gained and refresh things they may have forgotten. 


Pair training with change management 


According to a report, the switch to new ERP software is successful when it takes into consideration people, processes and technology. While managing processes and technology will be in the hands of your custom software development vendor, managing how employees are affected by the change is in your hands. Having a change management plan in place will help ensure a smooth transition. It will also allow you to quickly respond to any concerns brought up by your employees. 

The takeaways

Custom ERP software training is an important aspect of a successful transition to new ERP software. If overlooked, it may lead to frustration and disappointment. Allocating the time and budget for employee training and following a change management plan will help you gain peace of mind that your new custom ERP software transition is as smooth as possible. It will ensure your employees feel encouraged about new software and confident about their future.