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Custom Software Versus Ready-Made Software

January 26, 2022
custom software development

Software development has become an essential part of many industrial sectors as digitization is becoming more and more rampant. Essentially, software development can be classified into 2 types, custom software development and ready-made software. While both processes have their own merits and demerits, there are stark differences between them that a user must know about.





Here are 4 major differences between off-the-shelf and custom software development.


While customer software development entails designs and software that caters exclusively to a client or a company, generic software development is more geared towards an open market. Thus, the former offers exclusivity that the latter does not. 


Source Of Updates

When it comes to generic software development, the major updates are applied according to the demand and trends in the market. As a result, developers keep track of these trends while designing the software. 

In the case of custom software development, the client gets the final say in terms of updates. If a client wants to make some particular changes, then simple feedback to the developers is enough, and it will happen in real-time.


Locus of Control

As ready-made software is designed en masse, users have no control over the end product. Hence, developers focus on creating software that can encompass all the basic requirements and features so that it can be accessed easily by a large number of people. 

With custom software, the client has complete control during the entire process, from the initial conceptualizing phase to the final product. Hence, the end product is tailormade to their requirements and their unique situation.


Cost Of Development

Off-the-shelf software development is quite economical as it serves a large user base. While that might be a plus, the cost-effectiveness can adversely affect the quality of the final product.


Customizing software, in comparison, is more expensive as it is designed with a particular client in mind, thus requiring extensive updates and communication with the consumer. However, the benefits of custom software are so exponential that it negates the initial investment in the long run. Moreover, companies can also pay in phases for new features of the software so that they don’t end up paying an exorbitant amount upfront. 


With a basic knowledge of their differences, you can now decide which type of software would work the best for your business. 


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