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Finding Clients as a Software Development Company

June 15, 2017
software development company

With the increasing demand for technology, there comes an increased demand for software to help in making technology accessible and usable. This is the niche for any software development company: finding business in the customization and improvement of existing technology.

Finding these clients can be challenging. Here are some ways a software development company can find clients in a competitive industry:

  1. Fishing Online: This is the first way to find clients for a software development company. This entails doing a broad search, and sending an email to the appropriate contact explaining what your company does and what can be improved on their site. This is not an open critique on the website or their processes, but a recommendation on how to improve business.
  2. Forums: Searching on forums and discussion groups are platforms where software issues and needs are often discussed. Subscribing to forums and other similar sites gives you access to a client base who otherwise would not know to reach out to you.
  3. Recommendation.  Having a group where contacts can be made is key to new business for a software development company. Getting referrals is also another way to get business and new clients for the company.
  4. Collaboration. One software development company cannot do all the work. Establishing ties with other companies for collaborative work as a subcontractor or even as a partner increases the likelihood of bringing new clients to the company.


These are ways to source clients to offer and provide services for the software development company. Fishing online by viewing ads is one way, although it is tedious. Joining online associations and forums is another way to scope out a new client base and establish ties for possible clients. Referrals and recommendations can also be a good source. Finally, collaborating with other firms for work can also help expand the client base for any software development company in the long run.

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