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How to Get Started with Ecommerce ERP Integration

July 29, 2022
custom ERP development

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning and is an inseparable aspect of many businesses in today's time. ERP integration with existing platforms is often the first step towards automation of varied company processes. Depending on the nature of your business, custom ERP development companies can provide you with the perfect software capable of optimizing your business processes. 


What is e-commerce ERP Integration?

ERP is in itself an extremely useful tool for e-commerce businesses. However, its true potential is unlocked when integrated with all the other existing systems of the company. Synergy is the key to streamlining business processes. 


A smooth e-commerce ERP integration can take the workload off the employees, ensuring they aren't overworked. ERP integration can also be used to connect your e-commerce store with your inventory management system, accounting software, CRM, and more. This allows you to manage all aspects of your business from a single platform, which can save you time and money.


Steps involved in successful e-commerce ERP integration.


Identify all the processes
Identifying all the processes of your e-commerce business is the first and most important step toward e-commerce ERP integration. Not leaving out any process is crucial as it can cause hindrance in the seamless e-commerce ERP integration.


Identify critical data
The business and e-commerce world revolves around data in today's time. A huge amount of data is generated in the day-to-day business activities of an e-commerce platform. Out of all the data, identifying critical data that must be received accurately and promptly should be highlighted. The ERP integration should facilitate smooth and timely data transfer between different department, tools, and processes. 


Identify time-consuming processes
Out of the many processes of your e-commerce businesses, some processes will be more time-consuming and resource-intensive than others. Using ERP automation in such processes is a great way to streamline your e-commerce business.


Find out ROI
It is wise to estimate ROI before making any investment. It is the same with e-commerce ERP integration. Calculating the existing expenses in salaries and labour costs and then comparing them with the expense of using ERP software will give you an accurate estimate of the ROI.


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