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Implementing Custom ERP In Small Business Operations

Custom ERP software

Custom ERP software implementation is a major initiative that affects all small business processes. To ensure smooth implementation, small businesses have to devise a plan and stick to it. A carefully designed plan along with a well-oiled team will ensure a seamless software implementation and success for your business. 


In this blog, we review the fundamental steps of a successful ERP software implementation. 


Steps Involved In Implementing ERP In Small Business Operations

Determine your business requirements

The ultimate goal of custom ERP software is to optimize and improve the efficiency of your small business. To determine the features to be included in your ERP system, you need to understand the flaws and shortcomings of your business. Sit down with your management team and conduct a gap analysis of all your business operations to reveal any process inefficiencies that need to be tackled with an ERP system. 


Setting a clear goal and knowing precisely what you want to achieve with custom ERP software will help you design a system that targets the problems specific to your business. For example, if your inventory has been a challenge, ERP software with a built-in inventory management tool will help you tackle any issues related to managing your inventory. 


Assign a team to manage the implementation process

While you may be the decision-maker in your company, you’ll find it difficult and ineffective to manage the entire implementation from start to finish, especially if the innovations are to be implemented in multiple departments concurrently. To ensure an efficient software implementation, you need to assign a project manager and representatives from each department to report to the project manager. Building this hierarchy to manage the implementation process will allow you to see whether the process is on track or if any adjustments are needed. 


Carefully choose the software developer

When you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve with the new software, you need to make sure the developer you chose to work with has the necessary tools and experience to meet your requirements. Speak to different software development companies, see what they can offer, and learn about their past projects to see if they have done anything similar before making your selection. 


Develop a strategy

Once the problem areas are identified and the software development company has been shortlisted, you need to devise a software strategy that will address these problems. To design a successful strategy, you need to closely collaborate with your management team and the software provider you choose to work with. Your management team knows all the ins and outs of your business processes, so their input in devising a strategy is crucial to ensure an efficient ERP implementation. An expert software team has the tools and experience necessary to configure and customize the software necessary to support your business. 


How Long Does It Take To Implement ERP Software in Small Business Operations?

When a strategy is ready, the software development team will get down to crafting a system that is tailored to your business requirements. The average time to implement an ERP system is anywhere between 4 to 6 months. However, this widely depends on the complexity of the system to be installed, the number of customizations, and the size of your business. Setting up a small business with an ERP system can be completed in as little as 12 weeks.


Another important step in custom ERP software implementation is training your teams to use the new systems. While the majority of features will be built exactly to your specifications, your employees will still need some time to become comfortable with using the new system. 


Wrapping Up

ERP software is a big endeavour that requires a lot of planning and preparation, regardless of the business size. However, if you get support from experienced consultants, the process will be much smoother and the results will be more efficient. 


Vestra Inet is a leading custom ERP software development company with years of experience in the industry. We design custom software that meets our client's specific requirements and helps them achieve their goals fast and scale their business. Schedule a consultation with us today and see your business grow with the help of our custom software.