The Latest Trends to Keep an Eye out for in the Custom Software Industry

September 23, 2019

As a software company in Toronto, it is transparent that the industry is still in its infancy and that there exist an assortment of trends that will naturally occur over time. It is important these trends take place in order for software to develop a stable foothold and established framework within industry.


Custom software is a critical component for companies to operate in the modern business ecosystem. Staying atop the trends that naturally occur throughout its development are what distinguish those on the cutting-edge.


Today, we will provide a high-level view over some of these trends and how they are conducive to achieving business and end-user goals:

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All Eyes on User Experience

For many years now, key stakeholders have been focusing on the user experience surrounding their application service. Significant investments are now being made for software developers to design user friendly experiences within their applications from the ground up, rather than being shoehorned in as an afterthought.


An approach of “less is more” is being adopted for software applications –allowing customers to interact in an intuitive and understandable way, without much of a learning curve. Software companies in Toronto understand that keeping buttons and processes simple and pleasant goes a long way when it comes to user uptake.

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Agile Software Development

More and more users around the world are incorporating software into their daily lives thanks to this software development methodology. Why is this? When we take a deeper dive into the reasoning behind this, we see that a more collaborative environment is achieved between end-users and cross functional teams within software companies in Toronto upon implementation of this iterative ology.

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Effective Security Measures

During the early internet years, netizens had to pay particular attention to avoid having their personal data compromised via their inbox. While this issue persists into the modern day, albeit at a smaller scale, the widespread usage of mobile applications has exponentially grown which, in conjunction with open APIs and cloud solutions, spells a growing concern over the rise of cybercrime.


Determined cyber criminals can expose vulnerabilities within hastily made software. That is why it is important you partner with a software company in Toronto with a track record of implementing robust countermeasures to shield company and user data in the event of a breach.  

The Vestra Inet Difference

Whether your B2B operations are in need of effortless e-commerce solutions or your B2C business requires increased customer retention, we have the foresight and track record at Vestra Inet to implement custom software solutions that empower not only your business, but also your customers. Reach out to our consultants to learn more!

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