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The Process Used by a Software Development Firm

May 13, 2021
software development firm

Software development is a fascinating area that usually involves a series of steps. Each stage of the process carries importance, since a project’s success depends on them. The methods of a software development firm can be broken down into seven parts, but no two companies will have the exact same approach.

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Read below for a glimpse into how software is developed:


During the first step, it is common for stakeholders, end-users, and the team running the project to identify what the needs are and how the future software will be designed.


Outlining Requirements

This stage’s purpose is to gain a full understanding of the technical requirements for the project, and supporting users is the ultimate aim of software creation.



With the above completed, determining the appearance and functionality of the software comes next. Flow should be considered from this point on.



This step can also be referred to as programming or coding, where software developers write the code of a program in the appropriate programming language.



Once the software has finished being coded, it is sent to a testing team prior to deployment, and the members will compose feedback after using it.



With the other stages checked off, the software can be deployed. This means that the code enters into production, and any intended user is able to use the product.



After the installation of the software on systems or devices belonging to clients, the programmers will perform ongoing maintenance in order to keep the program running smoothly.


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